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The World Is F*cked.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. The World Is Fucked. Why Bother?
  2. Thats why we have so much and others have nothing :D.

    lts only rich captalist bastards like us that can afford computers and the internet :D
  3. Well the world is what we all make it.. What we can do about any way...

    It\'s batter tom work with what you have, than to complain about it...

    At least till we can get things changed!
  4. OK WHOS RESPONSIBLE FOR FUCKING THE WORLD?? show yourself dammit.

  5. tell me about it, i want a fricking island for just me and my mates. everything else sucks, nobody has any respect anymore.

    people are only ever out for themselves it drives me crazy!
  6. oo an island with a whole pot forest and a pizza hut with a kickass treehouse with monkey servants

  7. But, whats better than the world?
  8. The human race is fucked...

    I give it a few hundred more years at tops.

  9. And it\'s fucked because of people who said things like that.
  10. I don\'t know what the hell you all are talking about. The world is GREAT! Life is grand! Plenty of Bud, plenty of money, a nice place to live, a woman on my arm, and lots of toys. It doesn\'t get much better.:D
  11. Might awell make the best of it ... there are always good and bad times.

  12. well the gopher hole just looked so warm and welcoming, and i mean i was planning on laying down anyways...
  13. well yeah the world is fucked. the world is all about shits and giggles... sometimes you get constipated and sometimes you have a painful cough when you laugh.

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