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The word 'drug'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dannibong, May 18, 2010.

  1. I'm angry. And stoned but thats not the point.

    The word drug has scared for most my life. As a little kid saying 'I'm never doing drugs ever in my whole life' and shit like that. All up to that night in my second year in highschool I had never planned on using drugs. One of my good mates told me to come smoke some weed. I said sure right off the bat. Even back then the government had not fully brought me onto the idea. I knew that weed was better for you than crack and shit. But not tobacco and alcohol. So I think thats why I accepeted the invite :smoking:. But the main point is, I had this whole bad feeling all through my life about drugs. Before I would hear reports on the news about drugs and I would just think they are just another bunch of junkies. Of course back then I hadn't been so popular and didnt know pretty much anyone who would take drugs. When I started moving up on the social ladder I found more and more people who I hang with taking drugs, still just thought they were just crackwhores or something. Seriouly all the government is trying to make them think that the only drugs are crack and herion and all other hard drugs (not hating them just thinking they should be not classified in the same class as weed) and really badly sterotypes them as junkies who inject these drugs. Then they remind people that weed is a drug aswell. This makes people think that weed is in the same class as hard drugs and therefore just as much dangerous. I've even seen ads that say that if you smoke weed you lose all your relationships. Thats because it's ILLEGAL. People don't critizise you as a junkie if you drink alcholol and smoke ciggys occassionaly. If weed was legal and everyone found out how harmless it was. It would sterotype stoners as less negative thing and a more positive stereotype. And most importantly the government saying smokin weed makes you lose your relationships and shit, IF WEED WAS LEGAL WE WOULDNT HAVE THAT PROBLEM AS WELL AS THE ASSOCIATION OF CRIME WHICH IS ONE THAT PROBHITIONISTS WOULD USE AS CONS TO LEGALIZING WEED.

    Sory if u didnt understand that im a little (very much so) stoned
  2. Yeah, it was same here. And because of that also, I felt really bad when I was stoned for the first time of my life. I felt like sort of, innocence was lost in me. And all these scary thoughts " my life is now ruined " etc etc invoked back that time.

    Nowadays, I find the propaganda funny. How they talk about cannabis addiction like it would be equal to smack and crack. I mean come on, it's basically nothing more than a brownie addiction - you eat a brownie, you like it, you eat another. It's not like we rob stores and kill people to get some smoke.

    But yeah, be glad that you are now out of the hurricane.
    In the hurricane it was calm, but your vision was narrow. Outside your vision is far better, but don't let the hurricane hit ya. Just a funny metaphor I came up with.
  3. OP, I hear you loud and clear on your frustrations, and not to feed your anger even more, but you might find it interesting that the US Government does in fact classify opium and cocaine in a different category as marijuana.

    Yeah, they're both in a LESSER category (Schedule II vs. Schedule I)

    Go fucking figure.:rolleyes:
  4. I hear ya bro. It's all just dumb prohibition shit that will eventually be all said and done with. For now, we live with weed being called a drug and looked down upon the users that use it. If I smoke salvia, then everything is okay and I'm not considered a druggie or doing anything illegal, but when I want to mellow out on smoking some buds, I am now a criminal and looked down upon by a vast majority of people. Sure, it's bullshit. Do I care? Not really. Fuck the haters and smoke more bud man.

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