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the word "Dope" for weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bitchesandbongs, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. is it just me or does it piss you off when people call weed dope
  2. it sounds like they are talking about an actual or "hard" drug
  3. nope.

    "that weed was dope"

    just another nickname.
  4. People try to make it sound like a narcotic, when it clearly isn't.
  5. nope because i don't let what others choose to call things affect my mood cause it's dumb as hell.
  6. I hate it too because only people who are against the wonderful herb call it dope. I also hate it when it's called pot because it makes no sense.
  7. alot of old heads used to call weed "dope". its not that serious really.
  8. People who refer to Cannabis as "dope" are the non-believers.
  9. thats why i hate it because those little straight edge fuck your rights assholes
  10. My parents call it dope so naturally I do not like it. But I'm fine with describing weed as dope :smoke:

  11. it doesnt matter what its called theyre always going to attach a negative stigma to it.
  12. Most of the people age 50+ that I've smoked with either call weed dope, pot, or ganj, not ganja, just ganj, it doesnt really bother me. Every word will have a negative meaning in a negative context, and vice versa.
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    Over here if you ask someone for dope you get a bag of heroin. :O
  14. For me, I associate the word 'dope' with Crystal M. I've always called weed 'pot', and when I started smoking Crystal, myself and others I did it with called it 'dope'.
  15. Trailer Park Boys made me accept the term dope for bud
  16. When i hear Dope I think of Heroine

  17. [​IMG]
  18. It's just a word, why let it get to you if you're just gonna keep smoking the dope anyway?
  19. I just label people who don't know wtf they're talking about as retards. When I imagine someone using the word dope like, he was smokin dope and they refer to cannabis, I look at them like wtf? You fall out of a 1950s time warp or wut? Retards.....
  20. Saying bud is dope as in "That bud was dope man" like your saying its good bud is acceptable, but when someone is just generally calling marijuana "Dope" It really offends me, cuz they use the same word to talk about heroin or crack. It just groups bud with a whole different range of drugs that it shouldn't be put into.

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