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Discussion in 'General' started by dave209rider559, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Who still uses the word chief instead of blaze? I have my homies use chief, and when I go somewhere else and say chief and teach the word, everyone starts using chief instead of blaze.

    Its a more appealing word to me, I like it more.

    Me: hey dawg, lets chief that dank ass shit
    you: and get blown to the dome.

    I dont know why people dont use it, or even know about it. its beastly.

    I also lost a good friend of mine today since i told him i chief, and he just didnt roll with it bro, he was a pretty sick kid to chill with.

    Also, the best part of getting high is the beginning, when reality shifts and you are thrown in a dream world, another state of consciousness.
  2. bro im completely with you on this one, i sometimes forget that some people dont know what chief means so i end up explaining it to them. But I like saying blaze ocasionally cuz it sounds bad ass but you cant say it to much or it wont sound bad ass any more. In my room i have a picture of this Indian Chief , and everytime we are chiefing we look up at him and call him the Chief Reef.:smoking::bongin:
  3. i never liked using that word. idk why
  4. Hell yeah bro, I chief bowls of dank like mad!
  5. They both mean the same thing to me, so i'm happy to hear either one.

    If I had to have a personal preference however, it would be blaze. Not enough people use the word "chief" and I personally don't like explaining it everytime i'm with somebody that has never heard it.
  6. Saying chief/toke makes you a stoner to the nth degree.
  7. 'Round these parts, chief means to hog a blunt. Damn I hate that shit. We just say stuff like "Hey, Chief, you gonna pass that thing?" to call people out on that offense. Never heard of it used the same way as blaze.
  8. I like "chief" but I prefer "cheeba"


    "Hey man wanna cheeb it up?"
    "How about we smoke this bowl and get cheebafied?"
    "This is some good cheeba."
  9. I like any word that refers to smoking buds
  10. sounds like a local thing. but i love the word chief.

    and bleezy
  11. Ha, thats goofy as hell. I like it
  12. I love the word Chief! My best friend turned me onto it. He uses the screen name thechiefingchief for everything lol.
  13. Actually, around here 'Chief' means to take a bunch of hits and babysit the blunt without passing it.

    "Stop chiefing on that blunt, cunt."
  14. Same here. :smoking:--------

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