the wonders of health class...

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  1. Now at my high school, most kids take Health there sophomore year, but i decided to wait till my senior year, so here i am...I was in health class blazed off my ass when my teacher was talking about doing projects. He then starts taking about how your not supposed to put false info in it, and he had an example where he said a student said that marijuana isnt bad, and he said it with that face ppl make like wow that kids a dumbass face, you know, like he was saying marijuana was bad, now because of me being on the ganja, i decided to challenge him about the plant infront of all these underclassmen....i totally owned the fuck outta my teacher, he did respond to anything i said cause he knows weed is theres my little rant about how i owned my health teacher :D
  2. good for you, stickin it to em
  3. what did you tell him?
  4. yeah what'd you say to him?
  5. Hahahaha. Fuckin High School.

    I'm in my sophomore year in college and most of my professors advocate its use.

  6. So after class you didn't ask to match or anything?! :)
  7. Lol thats fucking awesome dude...i love getting in a debate with ignorant fucks who think they know everything about mj and totally own them.
  8. overall i was pretty much like whats so bad about marijuana? he just looks at me and says well first off it kills your brain cells, i was like who told u that one? the government, look at how the research was made when they decided it killed brain cells...and most of u know how they came up with the loss of brain cells (when they suffocated those helpless monkeys), he then just stands there looking like a dumbass, then i was like what next your gonna tell me that it causes me to lose motivation, its ruining my life, im going to do bad in school, etc....and he just stands there with that embarassed face on his looking know he got owned....thats how it went hah, i dont really know all the details cause i was a lil :smoking:

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