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the wizard of oz and pink floyd

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sporkz, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Hey i heard about watching the wizard of oz and listning to pink floyd's dark side of the moon. Well i just recently bought the cd and my aunt is gonna lend me the wizard of oz on dvd so i was wondering how exactly this works and what really is the secret behind all of this :D!
  2. its great man, it actually freaked me out badly when I was tripping... but the second time I saw it, it was in a class, so I wasn't tripping or high, and it amazing.

    The link has everything, but I'm pretty sure you start dark side of the moon after the third lion roar, and make sure you have it on repeat
  3. Yeah, it is probably one of the coolest things to see. I like the part when money starts playing, you can really tell that it plays together well.
  4. you can get it prerecorded perfectly online. no work involved then
  5. Hmm, i think i'm going to try this as well.
  6. Where?!?
  7. Limewire... and pink floyd didnt do it intentionally by the way

  8. the only thing bad is that the online version stops as soon as the album is over, but, the synch continues for the length of the movie by restarting the album
  9. the one i have doesnt stop... if you guys want it sent to you dvd quality talk to me on aim

  10. do u just put the cd on repeat and watch the movie it sounds like it would be really awesome since that is like the best cd but i havent watched that movie in a long time is there a certain time to start any of the songs or just when the movie starts start the cd
  11. its pretty cool i enjoy watching the dark side of oz

  12. depends which one you have. There's one that ends at the end of the album and another that loops the album through the whole movie. Most of the good stuff is the first time through the music, though.

    I've watched it a few times while drinking (cuz I "quit" smoking) and it's pretty bad ass. I suggest everyone try to do it.
  13. you can actually buy the movie, its called "Dark side of the rainbow"
  14. I think im gonna have to try this. Ill go rent the movie soon.

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