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The Withdraw

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by junkiesforfame, May 27, 2009.

  1. I am tired of all the pain that the cocaine, heroin, and oxy contin has caused to the people around me. I cannot get through the day any more without using at least an 8 ball of coke. The drugs have ran my life for the past year. I will do anything to get the drugs I want and need. The withdraws fucking suck and and the hurt in my family and friends eyes is even worse. Im tired of the glass roses they sale at gas stations that only have one use; to smoke crack cocaine. Im tired of the medical companies like oxy contin that know people become addicted to their pills but still sale them and make millions of dollars and cause countless overdoses. I am not blaming anyone for my addiction, I know it is totally my fought.
    If this post serves any purpose, if you are thinking about experimenting with any drug like cocaine, dont risk it, period. I had sports scholarships lined up to go to any university in the country and now those are long gone.
    Sorry for the ranting on my first post.
  2. what sports did u used to play?
  3. Well as far as the oxycontin goes there are ppl that really do need it. It is sad that some of the ppl they prescribe them to who don't need them turn around and sell them to make a quick buck not thinking about what damage there really doing.
  4. Please do not blame drugs for your faults and shortcomings. Like you said its your fault no one or any thing else's.
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  5. I'm confused. You admit that it's entirely your fault, yet you blame gas stations and medical companies for your addiction. What?
  6. Super troll name + generic pandora's troll post = 95% sure it's just a troll. :rolleyes:
  7. Thats what I was thinking,just some immature person,that smokes weed and thinks he is king becouse he doesnt do other drugs or something along those lines.I laugh in the face of ignorance.

    If it is true,hope you get better.
  8. Is there a chance drugs truly have ruined his life and he wants to warn someone?

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  9. Well either way he or she is very very misguided.
  10. Yes. but it doesn't matter because he has 1 post, hasn't posted since and he's probably trolling.

  11. first of all it is not completely your fault. the marketing schemes and selfishness fromm both pharmasutical companies is deadly and unthinkable. thay are complete monsters and should slaughtered horribly for what they do. you see 20 anti weed commercials but none warning kids about pharm abuse even though it kills and weed doesnt. but you should get clean i guess

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