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  1. So I've recently re-watched HBO's "The Wire". Anyone who's seen it can vouch for the show being superb. In the 2nd season, there is a fabulous scene with a former drug dealer who's currently doing time in prison and evaluationg his life and his future. While in Jail he is taking classes and reads "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Wire: DAngelo Barksdale reads Gatsby[/ame]

    Since first viewing The Wire... I have had the opportunity to teach numerous HS English Classes and I taught "The Great Gatsby" on a regular basis. No I know "The Wire" is fictional, but I really wish one of my kids could have said something half as intelligent about the book as D'Angelo.

    Anyways, I plan on showing future classes this clip after we read the book and ask them whether or not they agree with D'Angelo's opinion of Jay Gatsby. What do you blades think?

    Anyone read "The Great Gatsby" or seen "The Wire" or both?
  2. Read the great gatsby in high school. really enjoyed the book.

    have yet to see the wire though.
  3. Haven't watched The Wire, but I'm a huge fan of TGG. Also, no time to watch the vid at this moment
  4. Yeah I've read The Great Gatsby a bunch of times

    Like the guy in the video said, Jay Gatz did everything he could to improve himself (his daily routine scribbled in the back of a book) but even though his character was basically good and well-intentioned, he couldn't escape the shame of having made his fortune through bootlegging.

    Meanwhile, the old money group (Tom, Daisy, Jordan and even Nick to a degree) are all accepted in their social strata even though their personalities are disgusting. Tom is self-centered and jealous, Daisy is egotistical and self-pitying, Jordan cheats at golf and really only cares about herself.
  5. OP - great lesson idea for your class! Kids relate SO much more to a concept when you have some sort of media to reinforce it. Sounds like your classes are a lot of fun! :)
  6. Not only are they "accepted", They well respected... almost idolized. Which says a lot about high society of the 20's (and even today) really cared about.
  7. never read the great gastby but the wire is one of the best shows ever EVER
  8. Just started watching The Wire actually. I'm on season 3 now and I fucking love it! I've been watching them pretty fast. Multiple episodes per day lol but I usually do that with every show I start watching haha.
  9. middle of season 2 of the wire. soooo good.

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