the wikipedia appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Hookah_Labok, May 23, 2006.

  1. Who here also loves wikipedia? I could honestly entertain myself for hours just randomly wikipedia-ing shit. I noticied grasscity doesn't have a wiki, and if i get around to it maybe i'll write one
  2. nope i cannot stand it. soooo much misinformation on it, useless IMHO
  3. YA RLY, I love it.
    So many debates are ended by wikipedia.

    BTW TokinB, that hookah in your sig is EXACTLY the same as mine, but mine only has one hose.
  4. i love wiki, most the articles are accurate, but i think it's like the next google, except not a search engine for websites
  5. It's a great encyclopedia for the most part. I use it all the time.
  6. It's information is as accurate as Enyclepedia Britanica. I read an article about it.

    It's pretty good, i like it. I'm constantly correcting and re-writing information more than i am learning though.

  7. See thats what scares me, if anyone can write anything in, wouldnt there be a lot of bs?
  8. exactly.
  9. Yep! That's the fun, it's like a big ridiculous game.
  10. even though some of the info is wrong i dont give a shit. it makes learing fun! haha i always get sidetracked, i go on wikipedia reseaching info on african world olympics and somehow i end up on some weird shit page like the history of NAMBLA
    good times
  11. I love Wikipedia.

    I had a teacher last semester who would teach us a time period in Russian history and the exam would be us just writing our overview and personal thoughts. Wikipedia always helped me find the broad info I needed on the topic so I could then in turn elaborate.....

    all in all.. WIKIPEDIA ROCKS!!

  12. you all HAVE to be on drugs to like wikepedia.......what a bad site
  13. well everybody screens the edits so if it screams bs they just re-edit it

    and if you try to like hijack it i think they get your address from your isp and mail you a letter to stop fuckign aroud. thats what happened to my firend i think

  14. What are you talking about?
  15. man, that cracked me up. That happens to me too whenver I use it. It's thouse damned highlighted words. You see it, and you think, "gee, I've never really thought about decomposition." and you end up capable of a degree in dead bodies. (don't ask)
  16. Of course I'm on drugs, what are you talking about?
  17. I really love wikipedia. My only problem with it is that alot of it is just someones opinion (but there is usually a bias warning on articles like this). Wiki RULES!!
  18. I hear you all. The highlighted words are what makes Wikipedia great. You start reading about some subject you like, get sidetracked and end up learning way more than you bargained for.

    Yesterday I was checking out an article on lava tubes and ended up reading the entire biography of Alphonso IV of Castille (what an interesting guy!)
  19. hell if i know
  20. I added to the entry for my city, that the "BTC" callsign (blaze the chronic) originated here, at the local high school.

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