The "Who's High?" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by metalstonerking, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ok this is possibly the dumbest idea ever but hell if I'm not blazed.

    So you get b;azed and come on this board, so you hit this thread up and say "what you used (bong,pipe,etc.)", what kind it was (strain), and where and with who. You can include a little tale of your small adventure if you choose.

    So it would be like
    joint, mids, room, no one
    I ate an entire boz of Hello Pands (they're like Koala Yummies)

  2. Most people do that anyway but they make a new thread each time, so yes, it is a good idea really :D
  3. Hahaha apparently no one else though so
  4. Well
    Bowl, some dank hydro(I splurged for once:smoke:), and Im by myself.

    Blastin some Aerosmith
  5. I'll be high in about an hour. I've got like about half an 1/8th left.

    Me and my buddy are going to take some bong rips and we will be plenty blazed. :D
  6. Well, I made a Sobe Waterfall Bong... CREDIT GOES TO BOBBERT FOR HIS AWESOME HOW-TO. Smoked a bowl out of it with my buddy... then smoked a bowl out of Aquafina (custom glass spoon)... and smoked a couple Camels in between...

    So I'm purty good right now.
  7. joint, sour diesel, by myself

    duno but it seems im high every single time i get on this damn site :D
  8. I know what you mean.

    Bong, J, smoked some mid, 3 friends and I just hung out
  9. 30" RooR, regular dank, my apartment, with a friend
  10. Yeah I think I need to check out that bong...

    and I remember Aquafina... you have a nice ass piece man...
  11. uhhh

    my sweet bong (pics in gallery)..weed and outside by myself. so chill :)
  12. Suuup

    Homemade bong...sum Boss Hydro...By myself just chillin...
  13. Triple Bubbler, Some Crip, Smoked out friends car (Mad Hazy)

    But when I got back to my place I went in the elevator and there was colored water thrown all around, and I was lookin at it and started to see stuff like with ink splotches. But yea Im definitly feelin good.
  14. joint, mids, metalstonerkings car, metalstonerking

    we went on an adventure to the old country buffet to which we proceeded to eat and eat more. i still remember my friends first course, but not mine. he has macaroni covered with potato wedges, topped with pizza, topped with mini corn dogs, all covered in chocolate sauce. he ate every bite.
  15. guilty. bong. dank. alone.

    Ween kick's ass man ^
  16. 2 Joints, Mids, Friends car, 3 others.
    Was a pretty chillin little smoke. I was already down by the castle with 2 other friends because there was nothing to do so we waited for a friend to finish work and walk back to his car but he ended coming back with 2 other people so we had a bit of a smoke and just chilled in front of the castle.
  17. Im always high,i seen Scary Movie 4 haha, i love it lol, MAD funny lol
  18. got some weed from a guy in my econ class right after the midterm

    well i smoked about 15 minutes ago, and i got that giggly high, laughing at everything and stupid shit tooo

    been a long time since i got like this and i fucking love it :smoking:
  19. Joint, shower, regs, myself (anything else would be awkward)

    Good way to come home :smoking:

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