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the whole top of my plant just fell over...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by zero10951, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. He/she is like a foot and a half tall.. Most of the branching is starting on its top. Anyways the tob of the plant is just like collapsing on itself... Anyways 1 hour ago the plant was perfectly ok... I picked it up and gave it some water, then put it back. I guess I must have rotated the pot a bit when i put it back.. When I look at the part thats fallen over.. its like the stem is kinda twisted.. i untwisted it and it is trying to get back up...

    but i mean wtf dude why so fragile? I am using shitty weed to grow, just some bagseed of some swag. Im not trying to produce bud i just wanted to grow it for shits and giggles.

    The plant will grow back but that was like a weeks worth of growth and i dont think it will recover... the stem looks like someone just twisted it and theres like ooze on it... Im there only person that lives here and have no animals. It must be like it tryed to twist the other direction towards to the light that it was used to or somethingh and then bam folded over.

  2. Well I'm not sure why all of the twisting happened, but if you don't have a fan blowing on your plant you should get one. The fan will force the plant to grow a stronger stem which will support it later in the grow when your buds form. Sorry I am no help on the twisting part but just keep it straight, with a stick stuck in the soil and tied to the stem if you have to and it will get better. Good luck.
  3. if it is hot in your grow room and you dont have a fan blowing on it it is bound to tip over:smoke:
  4. well.. it all happened when i put a 90 watt halogen light over the plant along with the the flouroescent...

  5. Well, hallogen lights are fairly hot compaired to your floro, and well the extreme heat may have caused it. not sure tho^^
  6. yea i think that halogen caused it halogens can produce a good amount of heat of it his hot in there your plant is going to droop
  7. if your plant has a weak stem and then you water it the weight of the water could of made it fall over..these plants are duriable tho..just stand her back up and she will recover im sure.. :)
  8. Ditto on the fan
  9. from what i know halogens put out far too much heat and far too little light your better off just going with more floros then the halogen.... but prop it up and leave it alone and see if it fixes it self after all there hardy plants and well get a fan and keep the temps around 75 degrees F

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