The whole thing is rigged

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  1. I will say up front I am a Trump supporter.
    I have always felt like the fix is in on some level in each party but the last few months have convinced me that the fix is in even higher.
    Let's start with the dems. Hillary is the hand picked establishment candidate without dispute. Yet sanders support seems larger than the party is comfortable with. But the party isn't really concerned because of the way delegates are allotted the fix is in no matter what the will of the voters is and I really don't hear anyone complaining very much.

    Now comes the repub party. Trump has turned the establishment on its head and they are panicked. The level of corruption and the situation of Colorado theft of delegates and some dirty shit in Indiana speaks volumes about how this country is no where near democracy I used to think it was.

    It's going to be kanklez vs cruz or ryan if the rnc can cheat enough.

    But the part that should make everyone in all parties take off their blinders is the fact that the Republican Party would rather let kankles win than see trump win.
    It just proves that kankles and pick any republican other than trump is still bought and paid for by the same master.
    Sure if either side wins the masters will let them appear to be in charge. Let the dems raise some taxes or let the republicans cut some. Each party is allowed to score some wins for appearances sake on hot button issues like abortion, gun control and other topics, but the big picture is the masters get what they want from the establishment leaders of both parties. I have always heard the phrase there isn't a dimes worth of difference between the parties. Didn't really believe it but I have come to the conclusion it's even worse than that. There is only one party and all of us citizens are not invited.
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  2. It's already done Hillary will be the next potus (potass) How Sad
  3. Trump still has a chance. We neeeeeeed the wall. Hilary cant handle trump

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  4. I'm guessing by kankles you mean kasich? Lol
  5. Good one!
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  6. I think if the "whole thing" was rigged they wouldn't try so hard to fraud it. The extent they go to the shady shit they do shows that it is still in public hands but they will subvert how they can.
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  7. What at all draws someone with any intellect to support Donald Trump.

    "We need the wall" for what? Name 3 ways "forcing" (as if anyone can force another country I to anything) Mexico to build a wall is going to help you personally as an american.

    Its a demand that is so irrational it's only value to me is humor and that has all but run dry.

    I won't pretend I'm following the debate but I have seen enough to understand that Donald Trump is a joke. Please explain. Anyone.

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  8. There's a thread with over 1,600+ replies if you cared to look. I don't think anyone is going to want to debate or spoonfeed you when you won't make an effort to follow the debate or go where it is. Let people talk about a rigged election a bit before we jump into something talked about 1,000 times already.
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  9. Rigged elections.. Fyi This whole goddam country is Rigged. There's the answer.

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  10. This is the kind of response I expect from someone who cant see past the end of their nose. I understand you don't like him but why don't you sit for a moment and ask yourself why the republican party would rather lose to log legs than have Trump win?
    Imagine if you own race horses. I don't but just for a moment imagine if you own 2 horses in the Kentucky derby, do you really care which one wins as long as its one of yours?
    I doubt you can see the forest.
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  11. I do like Donald Trump just probably not as prez...

    As far as you're horse medaphor, I'm only partially sure what u mean.

    There's a LARGE difference between who is running for the position and comparing the presidential election to a horse race seems like a bit of a stretch...

    All I am wondering is what is the whole build a wall idea and why Trump who TO ME seems clearly to be trolling. Is all. No forrest. My nose is only barely visible to me. So...

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  12. Sent from my SM-G530T using Grasscity Forum mobile app What type of things are these to be saying willy nilly as well??
  13. OP calling the other candidates names is typical of Trump and his supporters. No class from the top down.
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  14. I wish there was a decent Republican so I wouldn't feel bad for not voting Hillary. If it's not Bern then I'll probably go Jill Stein.
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    Haha...just saw on the noon news that Trump is considering running his daughter as his VP.....

    might be old news dredged
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    Whether or not it is rigged (political parties are allowed to make their own rules), Trump is more likely upset because he's not getting his way. You've got a guy who was born with a silver spoon and has never had anyone say no to him growing up.

    This whole thing about Trump not being an establishment candidate is a massive red herring. Running under a party with a massive oligarchical monopoly over the political process, and then receiving a plurality of its delegates' votes as well as dozens of endorsements by establishment politicians, does not an anti-establishment candidate make. Neither does funding several political campaigns of establishment candidates including Hillary Clinton. That's the tragedy of it all. The media repeats the same untruth so many times until it becomes the truth. It'd be like saying George Soros is anti-establishment. I'd take Trump a little more seriously if he ran as an independent or third party, but until then he's just another Republican with bad ideas.
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  17. I'd say he's just another politician with bad ideas. I think he's only a Republican because he knows he wouldn't have a chance running as a third party candidate. He's using the Republican party and that's kinda funny.
    I don't understand why so many people think the GOP should change it's rules so that he wins. I understand why Trump and his supporters wants that, who wouldn't want the rules changed so they win.
  18. feels like the Trump #s are rigged
  19. I think you stated that well. Whatever label you want to ascribe is OK with me. That is why i think it is inaccurate to imply that he is outside of the establishment, as OP did. It's disinfo spread by the media and it ticks me off to no end.

    If you are benefiting politically from being a Republican or Democrat, ie. the political establishment for more than a century, you cannot claim to be outside of said establishment, in my uneducated opinion.
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