The whole family nice and cozy in there closet!

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    Need a few more i think lol

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  2. make it bigger
  3. yea bigger pic please
  4. thats the best i can do
  5. take individual pics.
  6. LOL you've got like a mini Ganga shrine in your closet.
  7. Yes! I'm not the only one with my bongs in my closet! I also have pics on the inside of my closet door, cutouts from a mag showing reefer madness and a burning question movie covers and trippy weed pics. Sick!
  8. they're!
  9. I don't get it...
  10. "Their" signifies possession, if it is in fact your bongs closet then it is "theirs." :bongin:

    "They're" implies "they are..."it is in no way "they are closet." :hide:
  11. Dude I like your bong with all the bends in it. It's more crooked than my spine! +rep for sharing the pic...

  12. cool shrine lol
  13. if i were you , id put a lip on the end of that shelf.. say something was to slide forward accidentally.
    u should add a horizontal plank to keep things from falling off.
    other than that,, nifty idea!
  14. I think I have that dark looking mid sized bong. with the metal bowl. :p nice collection.

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