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  1. I chopped down some bushes and its gotten stinky. My friends down the street 10 houses said they clearly smelled marijuana in the air at times and my neighbors are already threatening with the police. I have the carbon filter going but the rom must not be air tight enough?

    Its stinky, what should I do? I got kicked out of my last period because I was so stinky after chopping the buds.

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    idk bro..I would take a shower or something before going to class..
    but i've never really had the luxury of reeking of weed from my grow :(
    edit: kuz i've never grown..sorry im a lil toasty :smoke:
    I didn't have much time to shower after the chopping so I headed directly to class and the teacher didn't appreciate it. He thought that I had a bunch of bud on me. 
  4. Start looking at the classifieds
  5. Buy lots of ona gel. and figure out where your air leaks are. Possibly get better carbon filter ? I would move the plants because I wouldnt want to risk it personallySent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    so your growing in a flat (apartment)? Bad idea my friend
  7. Grow a different strain for real. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. I never had an issue like that when growing and i grew in my studio apartment lol
    If your neighbors multiple houses down the street can smell it, AND youve been evicted for it before.
    Your probably doing something wrong.
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    I got kicked out of my class that day for stinking up the room like weed. Thats what I ment by period, I have never been evicted. I have a carbon filter but the stink is bad and my neighbors keep complaining. I bought a shit ton of ona so when the lights turn on ill see how well that holds up. Today was even more stinky, some of the plants are still flowering with chopped colas. 
  10. This is why you chop at 2 am with ona blocks around the house if necessary
  11. Can I move in next door or something bro? *sniffs*
  12. [quote name="2Pac" post="19425805" timestamp="1390961387"]Can I move in next door or something bro? *sniffs*[/quote]Roomies?- Whus poppin off my nigga?
    Yeah if you can get these older people to move out, they are the ones that always call the police. 
  14. wish i lived somewhere it wasnt too risky to grow
  15. Well I am 2Pac. I'll just bring Mike Tyson over, I'm sure they'll move out quick.
  16. How many plants u growing?
  17. Where exactly is this Carbon Filter ducting the air to?
  18. Fuck your neighbors
  19. Your in trouble buddy, you better start trying to make a move ASAP, the neighbors have every right to call the cops, your doing some illegal and your not doing it right, you need to either figure it out or move that shit like i said ASAP or get your shit together, the cops ARE coming at some point if your stinking up your entire block
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    I got the smell totally covered. I made a big ass sploof with poster board and fixed it to the exhaust vent (very inexpensive and easy to make) and there is still enough circulation flowing through the grow.

    Lol It smells like I am doing a shit ton of laundry, with maybe a little weedy hint, but no one would know.
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