The Who vs. Led Zepplin

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  1. Ive been thinking after watching some show about the music of the 70's....on the show they compared the who and led zepplin, stating that the two bands were rivals of the day and that certain kids embrased the stye of one band over the other. one clique of kids, the more preppy kids went for the who, while the hippy types were more zepplin fans...i dont know? i thought ok whatev, i could not see grouping one type of people with one of these two great bands...but i really dont know, i was not alive in the 70s. so anyway i was wondering what band you would choose; the who or zepplin? which do you like more? why? what albums do you consider to be these different bands greatests? pete townshend or jimmy page, robert plant or roger daltry? personaly im more of a who the video by the who 'the kids are alright' and you might see why. its just really damn good.
  2. Only that the Who started almost a decade before Zeppelin?
  3. Zeppelin
  4. That's a tough one. They're two different styles. I like Led Zeppelin more when I'm feeling more hard rock. I like The Who more when I'm feeling more mellow... Zeppelin does have some pretty good chill tunes though... like "Stairway to Heaven", "Thank You", and "Since I've Been Loving You".

    I do listen to more Zeppelin though.

    Robert Plant is the better singer in my opnion, because he has such a unique voice, no one can sing like him... maybe the lead singer of Pink Floyd... I could hear him imitating Plant pretty well.

    (is his last name spelled Plant or Plante?)
  5. oh god damn you''t make me choose.....i can't take that's a hard one, i seen the who a few years back, and i have to say it's the best gig i've been to and i've seen a lot of bands............the who i beleive are more of a consistently up-beat band........while zep, can take you up.....or down, or inside out.........they've got a song for everyone.........and the timescale was close to both bands but not the same, it is even argued to this day that keith moon allways said that he named "Lead Zeppelin" but one of the zep members who heard him say it, i think it was page...........changed it "led zeppelin" as it would look better to to the original reason i think moon came up with the name, was when page said something like.........yeah it would be great to crack America........and moon replied, chances are you'd just go down like a "Led Zeppelin"

    but the 2 bands allways got on...........but just not over the

    all in all, i'd have to say that Zep are my alltime fav to listen to, and i'd have given my right are to see them live.........Peace out......Sid

    and ps you notice that both bands had absolute "mad men" as drummers...??.........Peace out.......Sid

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