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The Whitest Rhino

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Vader Haze, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Thought I would share.

    About a 10 day cure.

    Sweet/musky/pungent smell.

    Kick Ass High.

    This is about 20 grams or so.

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  2. :eek: holy marijuana! i just came a bit, jus a lil.

    that one nug looks like its 7-8g alone. ><

    awesome buds man + rep
  3. Killer buds man !! I'm drooling over those pics.. ++ rep :smoke:

  4. beauty!
  5. OK. One more time.
  6. Nice, little floro grow i suppose?
  7. Nice rhino.. haven't gotten around to trying any yet but look forward to the day i do:rolleyes: Smoke one down for me since im dry right now:smoke:
  8. White Rhino is probably the most fucked up stand I've ever smoked.
    I'm not even sure if that's in a good way either. I find my mind gets bogged up while smoking it and it's just too much sometimes when you have a crowd of 8 bodies together smoking that shit.
    I haven't had it in a good few months and I kinda forget exactly how I felt smoking it so I wouldn't mind revamping that memory.

    Anyway, that looks way better than the rhino I've smoked in the past - happy toking.
  9. White rhino, has been one of my favorite strains for a good long while now, It was the first real strain I bought about 5 years ago when I started smokeing, was that 20 grams off one plant? Cause the one big bud looks like the main cola.
  10. mmmmmm that looks bomb!
  11. way down. that fluffy green/whiteness just makes me happy

    enjoy that shit yo :smoke:
  12. Thats not the whitest rhino. This is the whitest rhino. :rolleyes:[​IMG]
  13. dankest I think I've ever seen.

    think so:rolleyes:
  14. looks like some chronic, i havent seen white rhino in a while.... i miss it.. :smoke:
  15. Ahh NO.


    Yeah this is a really sick pheno of White Labels Rhino. Trichs with Trichs.

    Yeah that was from one plant, but that wasnt all that plants buds, proly half. And your right that big bud was from the main cola but that was after it was already cut down from its original size so it could fit in the jars.


    Definately is!

    LOL Me Too!!!!

    Uhh Yeah I guess you got me there.

    Damn. Ok I take that as a big compliment.

    You should try to get reaquainted.

    Thanks for the Feedback Guys.
  16. looks almost identical to the white rhino i had about two weeks ago, and i know first hand it was dank, so ya nice pick up lol

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  17. I had white rhino, I'd say about 8 months ago, It was almost too much...I felt too high if that is possible. The surrounding was kinda gay though, 3 people doing shrroms and like 6people blazing. I'd like to try it again I guess.
  18. That is some rhinosaurus, Lord Vader.

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