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The white stuff on my weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Moñacristalina297, Dec 21, 2022.

  1. Is this mold ?

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  2. Not mold. Stem Trichomes.
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  3. Yes it looks like mold
  4. I don’t know man that second picture is pretty sus.
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  5. It's not mold it's common to find that whitish discoloration. Those are bulbless trichome hairs that are commonly found on and around the stem areas and also the bracts that normally would create seeds. This is why in the can of this world you don't want your buds fertilized because all the energy goes to making this c*** and not medicine filled trichomes. Those are little tiny premie seeds that you see here and pretty much any weed you buy anymore especially from dispos has it. Some more than others. Its still way better than getting full blown friggin seeds poppin and the need to filter them out.

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  8. Why can't you posts if it taste or smells like mold and your opinion with the phots with your question ?
    Moldy weed smells and tastes like mold. Mold normally grows rapidly.
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  9. simply take a small sample dip it to a cup of household bleach ,

    wait 5 mins then dip in clean water, to wash the bleach of allow to air dry

    if its mold/Pythium the sus mold will turn to snot,

    if not then its ok to toke

    good luck
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  10. I already smoke from it before i took those pictures:(
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  11. I hope so.
    I smoke from that bud before i took the picture.
  12. It was good knowing you, RIP
  13. It smells like sweet musty and olive
  14. Fortunately, i stay alive
    Fortunately, im alive
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