The White Stripes vs. The Raconteurs

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by xtiffany, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. i was just thinkin' that...

    i perfer the white stripes. they make soo much noise for ONLY two people! and i perfer that character of jack black in the white stripes. fucking amazing... :smoking:

  2. I voted for the White Strips, simply because when that "Steady as She Goes" song came out, all my students under 13 just HAD to learn it and after a while it drove me insane! INSANE I TELL YOU! :D
  3. yeahh, i know. dont really like that song either. you're a teacher? what do you teach?

  4. I'm a guitarist, performer and teacher (and student myself).

    I'm also a big supporter of silly animals

  5. I think the white stripes makes better music and i agree that jack white is definitely more of a badass in the stripes. Even though the raconteurs are pretty good.
  6. stripes. no contest
  7. I think I like The White Stripes better but I love the song Carolina Drama by The Raconteurs.
  8. I would have to say Tie, or maybe White Stripes by a little bit.

    The Raconteurs have helped to present a new sound to the alternative rock scene and inspire others to continue thinking out of the box! Just a really unique and enjoyable sound.

    White Stripes on the other hand have such a sweet chemistry and can create some amazing music for just two people! There sounds is also pretty raw which is super cool!
  9. The Raconteurs made me realize that Jack White needs to make an album with Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age.

    If Dave Grohl can do it, Jack can.

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