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  1. I found this video on YouTube awhile back and laughed my ass off. It just makes Slipknot look silly...

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  2. good music > both
  3. haha i really enjoyed that because i hate heavy/death/goth or whatever you want to call that music more than anyother kind of music, and i think they looked like a bunch of clowns the way they dance and dress
  4. I don't get it...

    It's funny to just dub other bands over other music videos? I mean I don't really care for either band but I just don't see any humor in this.
  5. i cant stop watching...
  6. it's not hilarious.

    pretty good chuckle though.

    At the risk of being neg-repped, i'll say that i hate slipknot. So angry without reason.
    Catering to a convinent youth market.

  7. Yea, but that one song that made was fuckin sweet for trippin to. Um, shit the name was, ahh fuck Ill edit this if I remember
  8. Yeah, I was trying to figure it that out ^^^ That one song they made.... fuck it, I don't know.
  9. Oh it was Duality. Google fuckin rules:smoke:

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