The "white-guy" reggae

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  1. Whos really into this? I'm a huge rasta fan, peter tosh, marley, marlon asher, all of those guys, but my favorite music is this sort of "white-guy" reggae.

    Sublime, slightly stoopid, SOJA, staylefish, collie buddz, and bands like that. Anyone play this music like I do on a regular basis? :D

    "And I will return, meet up with my friends and burn, some ganja and make music from our souls, green black and gold!" - Staylefish
  2. dun think collie buddz falls into the category with those other people, yeah he's white but not the same thing ;)

    and nope
  3. I would rather listen to Midnite every day for the rest of my life than listen to "white guy" reggae, shit has no soul. But that's just my opinion..
  4. When I think of "white guy" reggae it reminds me of and old, vacuous, cruise ship band. They're playing some shittier than the original rendition of Don't Worry Be Happy for the 1000th time, while geriatric fucks are playing shuffleboard.
  5. i've never looked at that style of music as "white guy" reggae lol, honestly i've looked at bands such as SOJA, passafire, stoopid as 'reggae rock'

    great music nonetheless. :hello:
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Collie Buddz ( Come Around) Reggae Song[/ame]


    I was really surprised to find out he was white lol.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with Slightly Stoopid never cared to see what they look like but love their music

    I could see why someone would say Sublime's music is souless.
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    yeah I was too, him and Gentleman surprised me finding out they were white after hearing them for a while, but they both from the Caribbean, so not like they are comparable to the artiste Snow.. LOL(well Gentleman now lives in Jamaica but originally from Germany..he got some nice tunes tho)
    [ame=""]YouTube- Gentleman - Intoxication[/ame]
  9. if u like this music u should look up k'naan ...he is very versitial
  10. I listen to all the so-called "white-reggae." I see it just like any other genre of music. I mean, all genres of music started somewhere else and eventually adapted to whoever played it and where ever it was being played at. I see it like the same way the original Reggae developed; Jamaicans signing about their way of life and the struggles within. The same with the bands like the Expendables, Slightly Stoopid and the like. They are just singing about their party lifestyles and what goes along with it. I can almost see it like a new wave of reggae just like the styles of ska-punk and and dub and shit split off of reggae.
  11. Not saying the music is 'bad' or anything of the sort, just not my cup o' tea I would like to point out.

    In reggae many different sub-genres have sprung up from, and I do mean many. Out of all the different sub genres you can find listed on a site like wiki, none of the "white-guy" reggae 'groups' fall into any of the sub-genres and the makers/fans of this music haven't bothered to define themselves. I've even seen one of the most popular "white-guy" reggae groups described as "Jamaican Reggae Music" which is absurd to me as a individual involved with reggae.How you going to call a bunch of white guys from the US Jamaican?

    Every single reggae thread all these groups always get mentioned and almost always when these groups are mentioned it is in response to a person who is looking for nothing of the sort, they ask for similar artistes to some they already know and they get back 15 SOJA suggestions. That is not to say that the poster will not like the music, just makes little sense to me that people ask for one thing and get another. I guess many people who really just-don 't-know and see no distinction between the different sub-genres though..

    You lovers of this unnamed sub-genre should come up with a name. Since I saw this thread back when it was posted I personally picked up the "white-guy" reggae name, but I think that can maybe be a little degrading. The music will never be integrated into reggae culture and will remain a distinct music style of its own.
  12. Bro I'm on your page, man. That's my favorite type of music: Rebelution, Pepper, Expendables, Soja, Slightly Stoopid, Iration. I'm also in a band relatable to Iration and Expendables I suppose.

  13. I don't know about anyone else, but whatever U.S. state the band is from, I call it that state and reggae, like Cali Reggae, or D.C. Reggae. But you're right, I don't know the official name, or if it even has one.

  14. All those bands are great, but I've never listened to Iration. I love the bass lines from bands like these. The "white-reggae" is definitely influenced by Jamaican reggae along with punk and ska; a good combo imo.
  15. I love Roots Reggae. I really love any reggae but nothing beats classic roots reggae. Collie budz is a joke. Sublime just covers everyone else song. Nothing special.
  16. collie budz is white, but the music he makes isn't "white boy reggae." he is from the carribbean, and making the music that he grew up around. the others are more rock reggae.
  17. wow really? sublime(brad nowell specifically) has more than soul than most. thats what sets them apart. i guess thats just me who thinks that?
  18. Oh man I used to be the biggest slightly stoopid fan during my senior year of high school. good times.
  19. slighty stoopid and pepper kick ass. sublime is in a league of their own. collie budz is great. expendables are good. k'naan is awesome. matisyahu is also good.

    [ame=]YouTube - Matisyahu - One Day[/ame]
  20. Actually, Jamaican Ska influenced Ska, it also influenced Reggae. Ska came far before reggae was invented.

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