The where the hell is Tebow going to land thread

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  1. So yeah its safe to assume he will be drafted,, but im not leaning towards anything before the first 5 to ten rounds..but that's my opinion,,but id like to see him in New England and hoping by midnight-to noon tomorrow that Peppers is going to be a Patriot as well but eh he could go to Philly,,but I have no idea where Vick may land,, possibly Buffalo..but thats my thoughts suh will be the second pick thats the hardest I think St.Louis will take a franchise QB over Suh:confused:
  2. First 5 to 10 rounds ? You mean picks ?

    There's only 7 rounds in the draft.

    I'd kind of like to see him go to the Jags, for obvious reasons. There's no way they take him with the 10th pick, but maybe if he's there in round 2 ?

    I think some team rolls the dice and takes him sooner than later. He may not be ready for the NFL right now, but he's big & athletic, is a great leader, and works hard, so I honestly feel if he goes somewhere he can sit for a few years and learn the pro-game, he may be able to have a decent career.

    I wouldn't count Peppers out on going to Washington either. You know how much Dan Snyder loves big name free agents.

    Vick said he'd like to play in Carolina, I'd love to see him go there. Playing the Falcons twice a year, he'd have the best running back tandem behind him. Steve Smith is a nice proven receiver.... that'd be an exciting team to watch right there.

    I also thing STL takes Bradford over Suh. Tough call though. Spagnulo (sp?) is a defensive line guy, that's the only thing that makes me hesitate to say he won't take Suh (or even McCoy) first.
  3. i dont know...i have a feeling that all 3 philly qbs are staying put.
  4. Yeah, my second favorite team is StL(I was born there, have a lot of relatives there) and I have a feeling they're gonna pick Bradford too, which will be a mistake. I think Bradford is gonna be the next Jamarcus Russell, not the next Matt Ryan. Just my 2 cents, who knows though, he could be an elite NFL QB in a few years.

    And Tim Tebow is really hit or miss...he has the heart and potential to be a decent or maybe even great NFL QB if he puts A LOT of time into his mechanics(he said he'd work 14 hours a day if he had to, and I believe him). He'll probably get picked in the late second/third round. Like I said, it'll take him some time to develop, but he's a natural leader, works hard as fuck, and has a lot of athleticism, so watch out for him in a few years.
  5. If I didn't feel we were set on the QB position, I'd like to see Tebow in Titans blue.

    H-Town, how you feel about the Texans tendering Demeco Ryans with a 1st and 3rd round pick ? I think he's one of the better young Backers in the league, and can't believe y'all didn't extend this guy!
  6. Yeah I found that fucking ridiculous. I don't mind us getting rid of Robinson at all, he's a cocky little prick that hasn't done shit in the past few seasons, but getting rid of demeco ryans is just plain stupid, he's getting better and better each year, he's pretty much our only solid LB.
  7. i wouldn't be surprised if fuckhead McDaniels tried to grab his ass...

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    i think he'll be off the board by the end of the third round for sure

    id like to see him go to the colts or pats

    learn from the great QB's and coaches they got and by the time brady or manning are ready to retire he should be all fixed up and ready to go pro style

    work ethic and just getting the money is usually alot of guys downfall but in tebow's case i dont think either of those things are even a factor

    i know he's gonna work his ass off to try to prove everybody wrong
  9. Who the hell cares where Tebow goes. haha just kidding I know there are a lot of tebow fans out there, but...

    IMO, there is now way he will ever be an elite, or even an average NFL quarterback. He has no experience in a pro style offense, and an NFL quarterback, IMO, the hardest position to play in any sport. Yes, he probably has the physical attributes to become a good QB in the NFL, but I don't think he will ever have the mental abilities with his lack of experience. In a way, Tebow is having to learn a entirely new position, and the only way he will be able to ever get real "game" experience is by playing, which won't ever happen.

    The only way I can see him becoming a decent NFL quarterback is if someone uses him in the wildcat or if some team takes a huge chance in him and actually lets him play and get experience. I know he is one of the hardest workers ever, but becoming a good NFL quarterback is something that takes a lot more than hard work.
  10. hes prtojected to go in 2nd or even 3rd round and pats have 3 2nd round picks
  11. My money is on New England. Belechick will find a place for him and grab him at a vaule in the later rounds

    I'm more interested in where Toby Gerhart is going to land. For some reason I have a feeling he's going to turn some heads in the NFL.
  12. yeah urban meyer and Bill are really good friends im sure Bill will end up using Tebow as a TE since we dont have any TEs signed as of now
  13. This is a hard question cuz so many teams are interested in him and since he is projected a middle round pick, anybody could pick him.
    Redskins, Vikings, Bears, Rams, 49ers, Bills, Raiders, Broncos, Colts, Browns, Jaguars, and the Patriots all have interest in him.

  14. Lets be serious, he isn't going anywhere, a 1st and 3rd round pick is alot to give up, which is why we placed it. In some crazy occurence, somebody does make him an offer, there's no question we will match it. Ryans might not be so happy about it now, but he isn't a punk like Dunta, he isn't gonna go demanding a trade, he knows he's gonna get his money soon enough. (I hope we arent stupid enough to let him go....)

    As for Tebow, you bet your sweet, pasty ass he's going to the Jaguars in round 2. Their games have been getting blacked out for 2-3 years now at least, and they need something to sell some tickets or they are done. Whether or not it is good for a team with real needs to draft a project like Tebow.....well thats a topic for another day.
  15. ^
    Ironically, I heard tha Jags fans don't want him..
  16. you guys are crazy, i bet a zip of dank that tebow is gonna get picked in the first round. come on now guys

  17. that would be awesome i dont like the pats but going there would be one of the best situstions for tebow

    just sit nack and learn till brady retires
  18. [quote name='"snozzberries"']i wouldn't be surprised if fuckhead McDaniels tried to grab his ass...


    Fuck ye
  19. first 5-10 rounds???? lol theres only like 7 rounds

  20. you win a zip of dank

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