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  1. HIGH All, it's been a busy couple of weeks and have missed this place and would like to say sorry for my mmmmm recent “rant”. Let me say nobody ratted on me as far as I know…but I'm not sure because it seems nobody wants to tell me the truth and it kind of makes me disappointed…but that's life in unoit's slow lane. I've spent a lot of time deleting unoit's life on All the boards I visit which revealed too much of myself and where I live. It's been some fun times I erased but hey it's All up here (points to duh! Head) and that you can't erase my friends. So on with life (with a few detours) and let me show you a couple of our outside girls.
  2. HIGH All, HIGHa look who's back at our spot and those girls look just as nice as their Mothers did the year before. Just a little smaller *LOL*.

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  3. HIGH All, here you can see an Elk step on one of the girls, but as you can see she bounced right back. Just had to fill in the print hole. Last year we had an Elk step on one and it split it right down the middle and pushed it down like a Y. She grew up as if nothing happened (I'm sure she stopped growing for a few days though).

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  4. I am very pleased you decided to continue here at the city,,,I need not repeat what I have already stated,,, just glad you and your girls are ok....


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