The weirdest thing happened to me in bed last night . (Static electricity)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by youThinkUrwisebutUrnot, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Okay so I wake up from a black out drunk and it's still dark in my room right, alright so I'm moving my blanket around and I keep seeing these lights every time I shake it. Long story short it was just static electricity but ya I've never had that happen to me or ever heard anyone ever talk about seeing static electricity in the dark so it was tripping me out at first lmfao
    anyone else ever experience this?
  2. every night this happens to me
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  3. Probably to do with your duvet filling, pretty cool though

    We call him Chief Kief now
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  4. It's more common in the winter because the air is dryer.
    Happens to me especially when I am taking my laundry out of the dryer, but bedding, too... even my hair.
    Totally normal.
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  5. I remember my first beer.

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  6. omg your so cool you must be such an experienced drink
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  7. Woah woah woah
    I was simply saying that I remember my first beer.

    Im sure a lot of people remember there first beer.

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  8. I swear i am more electric than others because when I shock people with static electricity it sparks a big blue or purple flash lol
  9. Some people don't understand good movie quotes... Or you're saying that in a literal way. And by the way, did you touch my drum set?
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  10. that's exactly what I seen lol
  11. omg I've heard "I remember my first beer" a thousand times and usually the only people that say that are drop out WANNA be cool kids
  12. Why are you so sweaty?

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  13. Static Shock already filed this complaint to Mr. Murdoch.
    Mr. Shock was deeply saddened by this news.
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  14. ...Cause I was watching cops
    It's a line from a movie haha
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  15. Cops doesn't start till four .....

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  16. Im gonna put my nutsack on your drumset!!!

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  17. Cool story, ironic name
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  18. so what I heard that quote way before the movie even can out.
    Nvm you know what I'm just really fucking high and drunk and u don't wanna argue with anyone
  19. Man been working moving fiber glass panels at work today you can stand a foot away from the pile a see the shock.... Fuckers hurt when your hand is inches away. And you hand/finger twitches....
  20. Wow. That's what it is? And I thought I was special..

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