The weirdest spontaneous thing you done while high ?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Deleted member 948257, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. i stripped my whole room and painted it not sure why i did it :RoorRip:
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  2. accepted a job in china
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  3. dahm
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  4. It was definitely cool, the bud/hash was pretty decent too.
  5. Eating cereal and before each bite I would blow on it as if it were soup or something

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  6. Went to a grocery store and just walked around and pretended to be reviewing products idk why. Was just weird and it was awkward leaving.

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    In summertime after my high school holidays, a friend of mine left a big water melon in the passenger seat of my car. I got sick of seeing it bounce around, and it must've gone bad anyway. As I was taking a turn toward my college I heaved it out the passenger window onto the road and it blew into little pieces. Several pedestrians on the other side of the road looked shocked. In hindsight it was just stupid and dangerous.

    The weirdest thing I've ever done while high is more complicated. I somehow ended up getting high and reading on the internet about potato guns made out of PVC pipe. As it turned out, my brother, as an architectural engineering student, happened to have the parts I needed out in the shed for me to put together a gun. I ended up firing a bag of potatoes out into the national park, it was fun. Really though, this is the sort of thing that anyone, including myself, should only do while sober.
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  8. I'm high most the time so I can contribute every stupid thing Iv ever done to this thread lol

    One time I was cooking a roast dinner I took the roast potatoe pan out of the oven with a plastic carrier bag rather than oven gloves, what I was thinking I don't know , didn't realise until it had melted all over my hands ouch !! And yesterday I was making tuna mayo sandwich , in put the Mayo in the tuna only to realise I'd just poured quarter of a pint of milk in the fucking tuna by mistake . Yes I'm a tit haha
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  9. I said 'sup bro' to everyone I saw, one day.
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  10. I donated blood super blitzed lol
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  11. Back in the day my buddy and I were chillin in my room high as hell and I was screwin around with my lighter. I stuck my hand with the lighter into a large mason jar while holding down the button, filling the jar with butane. I don't know why i did it, but I flicked the lighter with my hand still in the jar, sending a fireball up my arm and burning all the hair off it. My buddy just looked at me and said, 'stoner stupid' and we both burst out laughing. I've made worse decisions while high but that one sticks out as having no benefit what so ever, just pure stupid:love-m3j:

    Oh yeah, that same buddy used to talk me into climbing radio towers and random tall shit around town while on a variety of substances.
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  12. The first time i was amazingly stoned I crushed Ritz Crackers and laid in them and thought I was on a beach and befriended a ladle I found in my friends droor. I also licked his front door and keys. Another time I accidentially dumped a gallon of ice cream on my face. Last night, i did a stripping routine and it escalated quickly.
  13. My buddy and I were smoking in his car and after sitting there for a little bit, we decided to just start screaming for shits and giggles.
  14. I joined the illuminati.
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  15. Banged my GF standing up on a trail in a national forest. She was alot shorter than me.

    Im sure the other hikers must have thought Big Foot was raping a midget.
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  16. Once had a new roommate moving into my apartment in a few days and decided to get a little high and straighten up a bit before he moved in (figured it was polite and make it easier for him) ended up getting much much higher than I thought and deep cleaned the apartment. When he got there in a few days his comment was that it looked like I had just moved in myself as it looked almost too clean. Told him one moment I was throwing away some garbage and the next thing I knew I was scrubbing walls at 4 am!

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  17. One time i was high in court. I was on probation and they ordered a drug piss test for me and i got pissed. I grabbed my crotch and told the judge "to test this bitch!" And then I pissed all over his desk. I did 6 months for that lil stunt.
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    Went to make bacon eggs and toast with some busches beans.i was pretty fucking cooked i must say.
    Discovered i was out of tin milk for my tea.
    Put bacon eggs and beans aside temporarily.
    Proceeded to go to grocery store and went in intending to get a coulple cans of carnation milk.Only to end up walking out with 2 24 can packs of milk.
    Yes i bought 48 cans of milk when i ment to get 2...
    Dont believe me?
    Well here you go. My friends still laugh at me over this. 20160914_180236.jpg
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