The weirdest/Most exotic food You've eaten

Discussion in 'General' started by 805toda520, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. lazy? do you know how difficult it is to become a reputable sushi chef? you think it's just raw fish? no. you have to focus on certain parts of the fish. also, cutting the fish is also very difficult to master. you have to cut it just right. it's not "easy" at all.

  2. same here mine was good az fk and sea cucumbers nd roast duck if you consider that exotic or weird duck was also good az fuk kinda like chiken meat meets pork its a fatty type a poultry instead of dry stringy meat like chiken or turkey
  3. I had dog quesadias in mexico, it was pretty tasty.
  4. My early days of toking, my friend and I made this sandwich that contains; peanut butter, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and bacon strips. It was awesome! Also, peanut butter and honey sandwich (slightly warm) is also incredible.

    I have tried spicy intestine soup, did not like that.

  5. I'm a sushichef, it's not hard either.

    As long as your knife is good quality, properly sharpened, and you have knowledge of fish cutting, it's simple to me.
  6. my friend told me a story some what like that

    his moms brothers, daughter.
    first time they smoked weed togeother.
    they fucked.
  7. the way you cut it? well i know some authentic japanese sushi chefs who push on the way on how the fish is cut. well how long have you been one?

  8. I can honestly say that is scary. LOL

    I had bugs before. ha
  9. Cow brain, tongue, intestine and MOOSE!
  10. I ate Dog at a Chinese friends house.. it was half bad, pretty good actually
  11. dude i had sushi last night, it was fan-fuckin-tastic. yum.

    i cant find any pics of it but it was dragon and iguana roll... eel and something else... salmon??

    it hit the mf spot. expensive tho. and not so filling when it's shared lol...

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