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  1. so i got home from work tonight and i go outside to smoke a bowl before getting picked up by a friend and i got in my backyard which isnt gated or anything and my neighbor goes out his back door to go on a run and sees me and says hey man whatsupp , my neighbors are like hardcore christian college kids and im like not much and i hide my bowl and he keeps running turns back and hes like you okay man? than im like yeah why and he runs away... ... i kinda just walked away than starting running... what do u guys think of this i was like what the fuck
  2. What do we think about what?

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  3. haha maybe he was just going for a lil run
  4. just like why the fuck did he say that shit im so fucking confused
  5. Your neighbor called me and told me about that conversation. He made me swear to god not to tell you what he said.
    Cool story
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    maybe he was just being a good neighbor and making sure your okay lol?

    i wish my neighbors were half as friendly as yours, i get the cops called on me atleast once a week for starting up my loud truck in the morning before i go to work,
  7. He probably noticed you acting suspicious, or smelled the weed.

    Religious people get into people's business that way.
  8. He suspected you were using drugs, which indeed you were. Sounds like a decent guy, all he did was talk and check up on you. Big deal.

  9. It's probably nothing, you're over-thinking it. Maybe he didn't hear your reply, or he was just generally asking.
  10. He's going to kill you! It's the sign......

    You know what you must do :eek:
  11. Because he was high and paranoid too...

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