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the weirdest fking words ....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ideal, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Iv come to realize that I am a stoner, and I know this because I have just discribed good as "supergood" I have intented a new word and thats supergood
  2. good word while stoned: chickenmonkey
  3. lol, im usin it
  4. one word ive come up with for fiendin for weed is "marajuanting it". say it outloud if you cant catch it.
  5. After an especially long session, one of my friends decided that we were "Ripterednfuck" (we are from oregon...;) )
    also tonight I thought about how wierd the word masterbate is for about an hour...
  6. you can add "age" to some verbs and make them nouns.
  7. purple monkey wet ass gas
  8. pineapple
  9. jamulate

    or Sir Jamulate, depending on context
  10. Sssssssspaaaaank!

    Spatula... Spatoooolaaa.

    Goat! Leeffffffffffft. Monk! Boooooongggggggg. Banjo. Blatant! Blasphemy! Backgammon! (Bs are funny) Babaganoosh.


    I like the word Kafelnicof. and Maclevin/Maclaylin/Maclellin.
  11. intented is also a funny new word u just made up =P
  12. another
    an other
  13. The best thing to do is to pose questions, but leave out the question word. Like...

    "the fuck are you talking about?"

    or "the fuck is he?"

    basically anything using the word "fuck" in which the question word was left out.
  14. When you're stoned enough, ANY word can become weird...

    ..especially... especially is a weird word.

    ... proposterous, rampancy, enigmatic..delve..spelunk..sprocket..sasparilla

  15. I do that all the time. Most of the time I dont' even mean to, I just leave out the what or who or where.

    A really weird word: meeched
    But any word is cool when you're baked. I spent 10 minutes pronouncing the word 'book' different ways..... even though you can only say book one way....
  16. book can only be said one way!?!

    Book. Be-ook. Be-ock. Boo-kay. Be-oo-Kay. B-Oh-k. Be-Oh-k. Be-oh-k. Be-oh-oo-kay.

    hahahaha, im done.
  17. While thoroughly fucked up and eating chinese at a restaurant, we realized you can put "in bed." At the end of almoste EVERY fortune from the fortune cookies and it will work.

    The funniest word I've thought about while stoned was preposterous, after about 5 minutes it doesnt even sound like it is a real word. ( it is in a sentence..."That is preposterous!" I dont know i fthats how its spelled, but its a fuckin crazy word)
  18. When you're high, instead of calling somebody an idiot, dumbass, or fool ... call them a "dufus" instead.

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