The "weird and unique things about you" thread

Discussion in 'General' started by phire420, May 11, 2011.

  1. To start it off:

    -I was hit and ran over by a car when I was 3 years old with relatively minor injuries (considering it was a Jeep going at ~20 mph)
  2. -i'm too good at living a double life..
  3. I have a mole next to my dick hole.

  4. pics. srsly.
  5. i have a mole half way down my shaft
  6. what good is this thread without pics?
  7. I have a freckle in the middle of my eyelid. It's my most favorite one.
    I've broken my left arm 4x in the same spot.
    I sucked my thumb until I was 12 years old, which did not fuck up my teeth, but did slightly alter the shape/size of my poor thumb.
  8. almost fell off a cliff in maine, caught myself on a ledge after a wave broke on the side of a cliff, my uncle and dad pulled me back up, have no fuckin idea how i caught myself at all.
  9. I can shake my eyes and my thumbs are double jointed.
  10. i have situs inversus, so my organs are mirrored from the normal body's organ arrangement. My heart is on the right side, appendix is on the left, etc.
    Hearing all about how this is autosomal recessive got me quite into genetics, now it's the career path i'm trying to follow
  11. I sucked my thumb so hard when I was younger, that the suction created a prominent bump on my inner lip full of blood....I had to get it removed via syringe and I remember it being extremely painful (a memory that somehow survived ~15 years).
  12. Thats pretty crazy dude: is your physiology affected otherwise, by it? Do you have to take any precautions, or is your body literally the same as everyone else's, save for the mirrored organs?
  13. That's pleasant :)

  14. my life is normal otherwise, the only reason i'm even aware of it is because i had an abdominal ultrasound when i was 13 due to strange recurring abdominal pain

    if i ever need an organ transplant i may have some trouble, as most organs are taken from people with normal organ arrangements and so they may not fit ideally in my body
  15. My tongue is spilt. Naturally. Its like a mini kiss tongue.
  16. I want to see pictures! :yummy:

  17. Lololol no way man. It's embarrassing !!
  18. Haa, I'm actually getting my tongue split next year. Were you born with it or did you have it done? Either way, awesome lol.

    I like climbing to the top of REALLY tall things and thinking about jumping. Sometimes I even do jump. Provided i have a parachute. BASE FTW!
  19. I've "proven" myself intelligent from tests and analysis.

    I'm still a drug addict.
  20. My gpa in highschool was a 2.7. I hated it. I scored a 32 on my act. None the less. I made it into college without a problem. Lol
    Also, I have a belly button fetish. Haha

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