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The Weed Omlette

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SwissChris, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Ok so it was lunch time and I had NOTHING in the fridge and I had major munchies, then I saw that we had plenty of eggs so I was like SWEET ill make an omlette. So as I am cooking the butter I am like wow i could sprinkle some weed on here...and so I did and I fried the weed in the butter for a few minutes. Then I added the eggs and then the mozzerela and I had a sweet weed cheese omlette...and the best part is it got me hight :smoking: :D
  2. The only munchies that can actually get you higher...good
  3. Yea man that sounds Phatt as Phreak kid. Too bad I be still livin wid da rents' so I cant really make n e anja butter or I'd prolly be eatin mad food!
  4. haha yeah i only fried the weed in the butter for a few minutes but i still got high..and now i have to go high to driver's ed lol
  5. uh...

    SwissChris haha yeah i only fried the weed in the butter for a few minutes but i still got high..and now i have to go high to driver's ed lol

    um... drivers ed arent u not soopse to be in there if ur above the ages of 15.... ya... and ur soopse to be 18 to regester on this site o well
  6. shut the fuck up tipsy you stupid narc

    ah had to get that out i hate narcs :)

    ok i am 18 and just got my learners 6 months ago and will be taking drivers ed too but wait omg acording to you that since only people under 15 take drivers ed i must be 15 as well omfg!!11 better call the mods to delete our accounts....

  7. some people are dumb...

  8. in Switzerland you gota be 18 to drive...see unlike in the states we have to do first aid like 20 hours and then a theory test and then a drivers ed class + 10-25 hours with the driving teacher to get your licence. And I am 19 now and I havent had the time to do my licence yet because i moved to Florida for college but now I am back in Switzerland for the summer

    So now I am doing the 8 hours of manditory drivers ed and then im getting my licence arround the 20th of july...
  9. i've done that before :) does get you high

    bluntt you got my av :(!

  10. dont be a dick
  11. My dad had to take drivers ed and hes 50, if you get to many tickets you can take drivers ed to get rid of points and make your insurance cheaper.
  12. yeah tipsy you n00b ;) and I freaking have pictures of me all over the site obviously proving that I am over 18 years of age...
  13. Ah man I just popped one of these before work today and I was just chilling infront of this laptop and it was fking great haha...I wasnt too high but yet it was a very nice relaxing body high I got from my omlette :D

    I used manly kif and some crumbled weed on the bottom of my bag...only the finest swiss herbs were used in this experiment ;)

    + I added some mozzerela this time...very nice indeed :D

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  14. Let's play nicely in here.

    Lookin' good.
  15. Damn, looks nice. Too bad I absolutely hate eggs.
  16. Mari jane can even make YOU love eggs :D

    Omlettes and scrambled eggs are like the only type of eggs I like....

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