the weed gods have smiled upon me

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 26, 2006.

  1. yeah so check this out,

    there is this woman who works at this gas station that i always go to, to buy my gas, blunts, and whatnot.

    she usually works the nite shift and i'll usually swing by there after work to grab a blunt to smoke. so after buying blunts several times she figured out i smoke weed and offered to hook me up through one of her connecks.

    she knows this dude who likes her or something so he always hooks her up with fat sacks. she asked me to give her and her son a ride home after she got off work last nite and she told me she was swing buy the weedman and asked if i wanted anything. i decided to get 2 $10 sacks.

    he sold the largest dimes i've ever seen. they weighed out at about 3 grams each. so that means i almost got a whole quarter for just $20! it's pretty decent quality mids and for a price you can't beat.

    my other conneck sells blunts 1 for $10 2 for $15. however the sacks are only half as big (1.5 grams each); so i'm pretty sure i'm switching to this other dude.
  2. Nice dude!

    I got a quarter for 25 of some good mids the same situation like you but from my friend. Life can be good from time to time. :)
  3. Damn! I wish I could get a deal like that! My connects down here [as good as they are to me] aren't nearly as good as that! Good times!

    -Antwan L.
  4. It wasn't the weed gods, it was just a stoner helping another stoner out :)
  5. Nice, that's what it is like from my dealer in England.
  6. I wish I could get mids for that I'd smoke blunts all the time.
  7. i can roll 3 blunts/sack if i roll moderate blunts or 2 huge ass blunts.

    so $3 - $5 a blunt is a damn good deal to me.

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