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The Weather Here And were you maybe !

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by finnagen, May 30, 2009.

  1. :DHi all The weather were i am is Wet not too Windy still humid Actualy And then its Great Sun for £ days then Back Can the Babies Survive this With so much Water Drenched on them:pHows the weathjer were you are Any ! heard of the Film Don't talk About the Weather?:eek:
  2. 13C right now 6:20AM

    23C In the afternoon. Sunny... No clouds. LIKE A BOSS!!!
  3. Pass the blunt! :smoke:
  4. 22 degs cent been like it all week the girls in my garden r lovin it 6 skunk 1# out doors and 8 indoors going to be a nice chilled summer and winter he he he he lol:D:smoke:
  5. and no never heard of that movie wots it like?
  6. 90 degrees F (32 celcius) and sunny everyday here. For growing questions, ask in the growing forums those guys will be able to help ya out :)
  7. Sunny and no clouds.
  8. it's been wet all week but we seem to have gotten a nice respite from that
    72F and sunny, slightly cloudy.
    and according to my ipod touch, it's a nice 75F in Jerusalem, though currently night time, it might break 80 today:wave:
  9. its been cool but sunny, with spells of clouds and a few drizzles every so often...
    normal temperature around 14-22ºC depending on the day... plus quite windy at times...

    lovely spring/summer weather

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