the way this year is going...

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  1. with it's insane weather, next month some major city will probably be hit by a big hurricane, new york. theyre looooooong overdue, haha.

    but seriously, this years weather has been insaaaane. i'm sure you've noticed? this past july was the 4th hottest on record...and it's the hottest it's been since the dust bowl.

    and of course, april with it's devastating tornadoes in vilonia, birmingham, tuscaloosa, and mississippi...too many to name actually [but i could do it trust me haha]. didn't think it could get much worse til may 22nd when the EF5 tornado hit downtown joplin, mo [pop 50,000]. final death toll in joplin was something like 159? k, i'm in galena btw, pretty damned close.

    haha sorry if this was mad boring, but i'm so in love with weather and meteorology, and not to mention i'm really fucking high so i just started typing. but shit. look at this.

    July 2011: One of Hottest on Record -
  2. Thats weird out here in the bay area of California we were just talking about how cold of a summer this was :confused:
  3. it was cold? lol no way.
  4. ONE of the hottest, not the hottest.. 1936 and 2006 beat our 2011.

    Weather is always cranky.. Hurricanes, earth quakes, tornadoes, ice storms, sand storms, floods, droughts have been around since the beginning. Now that we're getting closer to 2012, people are taking notice and then being like "oh shit".
  5. There have been no hurricanes this year...
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    really hope youre not trying to imply that this thread is 2012 bullshit. this has nothing to do with that crap. in fact, no one mentioned 2012 except you, soooo.....

    fact is, this is a record breaking year everywhere. snow, floods, tornadoes, heat, drought, and next is hurricane. we've had extremes and multiple casualities from allllll those. idc if you believe 2012 but dont bring it in my thread please. it will just turn it into some bs debate.
  7. Lets hope it stays that way.

  8. not yet. hurricane season is about to pick up. we've already had 5 named storms and its hardly themiddle of august. the peak is in september. which is why i said next month in the op.
  9. Very hot and humid on the prairies, fair weather and rain on the west coast... nothing unusual about that. :confused_2:

    Just got me thinking, if we lived during the end of the ice age, with the same technology and ideologies, would we be freaking out about global warming?:confused:
  10. Just said this in a previous thread,
    But today in beijing it went from 98% humidity at 34 degrees, to a fucking thunderstorm in a couple minutes. Te whole sky just became dark amd everybody sort of looked up it was freaky...
    And then there was straight lightning, no thundwr, just lightninf strikes shootinf in all directioms, some wemt horizontal, some went down, was fucking creepy.
    Usually lightning strikes then theres thunder amd u have to wait until the next one
    But today it was just every 2-3 seconds there was amothwr flash...
    Was awesome to look at cuz at 5 in the afternoon te whole city just kept flashing
    Like skmeone was messing around with a light switch.

    Hope i disnt hijack the thread amd that made semse...
  11. Ah, don't you worry about that Beijing stuff, I just did that to fuck with their minds.:devious:

  12. im in the bay area. its not cold. its just not really hot. the weather has been good
  13. As I read OPs thread strong thunder and rain pound my house lol scary stuff.:(
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    I cant wait for winter, I hate summer its too hot and humid.
  15. Yeah i know right?? Way too humid...
  16. people look at the weather and automaticaly associate it with 2012. its fuckin ridiculous.
  17. It is finally a hot summer like i remember as a kid it's kinda nice. The weather here is pretty great
  18. This has been the coolest summer of my lifetime where I'm from.

  19. did you even read my fucking post below it? has nothing to do with that bullshit.

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