The way things are and how they're going to be

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  1. It's a nuisance--this molecular sense of well-being we have. I want to be somewhere in the future, somewhere happier and more stable. But disorder is pertinent to every action. How does anyone connect the dots if there aren't any pencils? I live the life society has lain out for me. I am a slave. I am the same as my family. I seek nothing but pleasure. Life says I must earn money. I do, and yet there's emptiness.

    Love can't even fill the hole.
  2. You're good with words man...

    I couldn't agree more..assuming I'm interpreting this correctly..we're strangely similar
  3. It's only after we've lost everything, that we are free to do anything..
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    Must be hard trying to fill an imaginary hole that already is filled itself.
  5. Can't, is the cancer of Happen
    -Charlie Sheen
  6. [quote name='"smokeyeyes12"']Can't, is the cancer of Happen
    -Charlie Sheen[/quote]

    Lol awesone but I like the way you write.

    I feel i am in the same boat as you, as most people im sure.

  7. Hold a newspaper cartoon up close to your face and all you see is dots.

    You need to pull back and refocus to see the big picture.

    The image is different for each individual, and the process of finding that focus is called life.

  8. Suggestion for a , tl;dr.

    "Nothing in my life will ever be perfect, and Im a slave to money. Me so empty inside."

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