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The way it used to feel?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Derfeldherr, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking daily for about 10 years or so now but every once in awhile I stop for some period of time for whatever reason (job interview, money, connection lost). I get things taken care of and I eventually get back to smoking, and I notice two things:

    1.) My tolerance is lower and it seems to take less to get as high as I had been used to previously. Sure, makes sense.

    2.) The quality of the high is different. Emotions seem heightened, heart seems kinda "racey", and my body buzz is stronger. Also, makes sense I guess.

    Great, I'm getting a better high and smoking a lot less, and it's the same stuff I get from the same guy like I always have. And so I go about my business as usual. Then, after some time passes my tolerance goes up and my high seems to lose a lot of the effect it used to have on me. Body buzz is still there, still kinda goofy, but just doesnt seem to be the same anymore.

    So, I pose two questions assuming that this cycle is not uncommon among the rest of the folks here.

    The first question I have is what happens in the body that controls our tolerance and the quality of the high? I seem to recall being told once that is has to do with the chemicals in the plant being stored in fat cells but that might just have to do we urine tests, I dunno.

    The second is can I in anyway control my tolerance or the quality of my high with excercise, drinking lots of water, or taking some sort of herbal supplement to keep the body cleansed? I might be way of track here but it seems that all these factors are tied together in some way.

    Sure, I understand the simplest solution would be to just not smoke as often to get better results but I wont lie, it's tough. But i think some of you have either thought about this concept or actually has some routine you adhere to.
  2. Disclaimer: I don't know the chemistry behind what I'm about to say. You are definitely right in most of your thoughts. THC is stored in fat cells, which is why it stays in your system for approximately a month. I haven't drank any soda in about 3 weeks, and have lost about 8 lbs. That would lead me to believe that drinking water instead of crappy(for you) beverages helps cut into those fat cells therefore helping remove some of the stored THC. Also working out obviously burns out some of that stored fat and the THC along with it.
    For regular smokers such as myself even a few days will lower my tolerance a bit. I've been on a tolerance break for 3 weeks now, and have been drinking water and working out. I have a week left to go, and hope to be completely clean by the time I'm done. Then I can start smoking tolerance free again. :) Hope that helps.
  3. I know exactly what you mean, you definitly build up a tolerance, like with any drug you take, It's your brain chemistry, your thc receptors get used to absorbing thc and your brain and body get more efficient a recycling the waste products.
    I agree with what your saying, when I didn't smoke for a month bud got me stoned but aa more intense high, I kinda takes it back to how it used to feel after your body gets used to not recieving it's dose of thc, I'm also sure it can mess with your appetite during quitting peroids.
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    Just graduated with a BS in psychology, made an A in my Psychopharmacology course.

    Scheduled to attend medical school this coming fall semester.

    What you're referring to is what we in the field call downregulation. When your neural receptors are constantly antagonized (as in the case of smoking many bowls per day), the receptors start shutting down activity.

    Essentially, there is a physical dependency on marijuana because after a while, your cannabinoid receptors will start reemerging, trying to get THC in the system.

    Obviously, the sites of interaction in the brain don't overlap too much in the areas that are affected by substances such as cocaine. Thus, there really isn't much of a physical addiction to THC, except for the first couple days of a tolerance break (as anyone on here can tell you).

  5. Thanks that'll be useful, Well my friend your going to be a well off man. You explained that perfectly.
    Nowdays I tend to take breaks from smoking, it's all about balance.
  6. Ah, THX UK, you're from London.

    The first time I ever had hash was in London. It was superb. :)
  7. Very informative!
  8. As with everywhere rastacyan you have to watch out for crap theirs allota crap out there chemically speaking in soapbar, at the moment theres allot of hash that looks good but is low quality.
  9. No offence, this is a legit question and all, but why is it in SEASONED tokers?... tolerance IS pretty basic...
  10. Wow excellent info thanks all. I was hoping but not expecting to get some scientific explaination and you surely did not let me down Rastacyan. One follow-up question I have is, is there any relation to the THC stored in fat cells and the receptors in the brain shutting down? Or is it simply THC in fat cells makes you fail pee tests and THC in your brain keeps you from getting that "just started smokin' again" feeling?

    (My weed vocabulary isn't the greatest so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ...maybe i should smoke after I post)

    I think I'm going to try a similar routine as you Xero16 and see how it works and document my results to see what kind of an impact a diet change or exercise can have. I walk at least a mile or two every day at work but maybe a more cardiovascular workout would have a greater effect overall.

    Oh, and the reason I posted here is because I don't consider myself an apprentice smoker and the point of my post wasn't to determine what a tolerance is which would seem to be a more novice question, I was more interested in the ways we can keep our tolerance to a minimum. For lack of a better word i was referring to tolerance as a general heading that covers how much you have to smoke to get a certain level of high but also the quality of that high. I apologize if I started this thread in the wrong section but I just couldn't see starting it anywhere else.
  11. I just wanted to clear something up. The THC in your fat cells is not actually active. It barely puts a dent in your tolerance. The reason your tolerance gradually builds is because THC has a particularly long processing time and won't fully be out of your blood for 72 hours or longer, so if you smoke any decent amount in any decent amount of frequency, you will not be able to process as much as you are putting in; your body will reach an equilibrium whereas you constantly have THC in your bloodstream. And where does blood go? Everywhere: including your brain, where the cannabinoid receptors lie. Overstimulation of these receptors causes adaptation and general reuptake inhibition.

    This paper is a good resource for general tolerance science.
  12. congrats on that man
  13. Fianlly a logical answer. Thanks really appreciated.
  14. First off alot of this stuff is new to people. Then there's the pretty fucking obvious answer. BEGINERS DON'T HAVE TOLERENCES. THIS SECTION IS MADE FOR PEOPLE TO SHARE INFORMATION, READ THE HEADING.. Damn, if we can't talk about TOLERENCE is season tokers, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT.

    (sorry if I went off on you, love you <3)
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    Smoking only on weekends is my tried and proven method for this issue. :D (Great high, every time)

    It's actually the only thing I do, hope I don't have to post much in seasoned tokers for a while because of it! haha jk

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