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  1. Almost everytime that I am stoned I have this weird feeling that someone is watching me, but not in that paternal God kind of way. It's almost like it's all a game for other people's amusement, like the Greek gods or something, but not (you know?) that we are playthings that they make side bets on, like they put us in situations and bet eachother on what we will do. These freaky thoughts come to me in differnet ways everytime. I was just driving and almost swerved and I was like 'thank you, she was really looking out for me that time.' But I wasn't thinking of God when I said it. It just came out like a fruedian slip or something, like it is all a movie and they control the production and the direction that it takes. I have the most fucked up thoughts sometimes...well actually all the time. I think that is why I like to smoke so much, so that I can get intune with my inner thoughts, at least that is what I think, but are they my real thoughts? I believe in God, but are the thoughts my subconsious questioning my faith? Hmmm...

    Anyone else get these weird thoughts that you are being watched, like a movie?
  2. i think about stuff like that too. my favorite is that like there are pictures stored in your brain that come standard with every human, when you feel a certain emotion u get a little quick flash of this picture, you see it in your head for like 1/10th a second, but when your high you can watch it as long as you want. like every motion has a certain picture, and there are 10000s of emotions (thus 10000s of pictures) i find new ones every time i get blazed, my favorite is one of a cartoon mummy with a purple background, i see it when im trying to explain something, like now. ha ha ha whoever made this principal of "life" was pretty damn funny and had some good ideas =).

  3. you ARE being watched... and not by any god (well i cant prove that theres not gods watching too), but by the American Government, UK government, French Government, German Government, and a few others but i forget which.

    back in the early 90s (or was it earlier... cant remember) project echelon was undertaken by said governments... thsi gives them the right to secret recording and monitoring of ALL electronic comunication.

    any official word on echelon became silent to the world but the world was not silent to echelon.

    judging by recent super loose interperatations of laws ("serious consequences" all of a sudden means war and bombs etc etc) they could interpret this to mean anything. electrons are everywhere... all forms of comunication (eg speaking to someone face to face) uses electricity to some extent.

    even just by typing in the word "Echelon" is sure to be enough for you to get tagged. and as such i've been tagged for a long time. i speak openly about this because it is the people's right to know.

    maybe i'm paranoid, but it's still a possability that a bunch of "black suits" could come and snatch me away in the middle of the night... but they ARE listening.

    perhaps the only thing that keeps me safe is the huge amount of electronic chatter these days, compaired to the few ears of echelon... that and the fact that i've not ever actually dont anything wrong. I just hope 'they' see it that way.

  4. It actually makes me wonder everytime I'm in the bathroom or singing when i'm cleaning or having sex *lol*

  5. ya.... i seen that movie, and when im stoned i always think bout it!!!!!
  6. I don't even like watching that movie anymore...everytime I do I'm scared for a week...I can't do anything I usually do, like sing in the shower or in the sucks :(
  7. I always feel like someone is like right behind me. you know, like when your in a room alone but get that really weird feeling that theres someone in there with you? Sometimes I cant sleep at night because I think that theres someone sitting on my bed. Sometimes i think that something truly is there. Example: One time I was Not High And Me and my girlfriend were asleep when She woke up and said that she felt something sit down on the bed. I just told her she must be dreaming or something and it was nothing. But probably not even 30seconds later I felt the bed kind of tilt a little too. She kept saying it was at the bottom of the bed and I keep telling her that i dont see anything. But when my eyes adjusted a bit better I saw that at the bottom right corner of the bed was a Inprint of a person sitting. When i tried to pull up the covers to straighten it out the covers were pinned under it. She started to freak out and wanted to get out of the house. We left the house and took a walk and when we got back maybe 2 hours later I could swear that i left the bedroom door open, and it was now shut. This was almost 6 months ago and its still hard for me to sleep in my house.
  8. I was thinking a similar thing. You all know the computer game SIMS right? what if we are just some odd version of an similar game? and the player works trough us and to us everything we do and think and do seems to be controlled by ourselves. but what exactly are you? what's your personality? everything is in the brain so instead of we being our masters maybe we're just part of an game and our personality has been made up and our actions are mostly in our own control but the larger scale of our doings is in other hands? for example player A wants to see it's SIM in a leading postition on a big global company. He types the commands and watches how the SIM starts educating itself and go to smaller jobs etc. etc. etc.

    another thing wich we were thinking not so serious what if planet earth is somekind of an toy that can be modifed by some kind of an supreme being? like dinosaurs "yeah let's make a real monster planet" "yeah put big beasts in there and lots of blood" "yeah!!! ahhh boring let's burn them up and start again" "let's make more inteligent things this time"
  9. if life is just a game, I want the cheat codes!:)
  10. i'm sure all of u will have heard of "phantom limb syndrome", so i beleive that it is quite possable the an entire imprint of a human can be left somehow as a "ghost" of some kind... and there is considerable but primarily inconclusive or speculative evidence of such ghosts existing all around us... everywhere.

    just another way in which,







  11. thats what i thought too. like it was just some ghost that had to rest;).
  12. 've thought about that before. What if we are like some game for some other beings we don't know about. Like a little kid gets this globe for Christmas, adds water and voila there are little people running around on it. Sometimes the kid plays with us and things happen or he saves us from stuff and sometimes he leaves us alone and we do things on our own.

    I also feel like people are watching me nearly all the time. It's made me kinda self concious and introspective. I think about stuff a lot and don't like the idea of others watching me or knowing what I do, say, think, etc. I still am Christian and it doesn't bother me that God watches me, tho.
  13. I'm not bothered of other people watching me but what I'm worried is that somehow someone could get inside me, my personality secrets feelings memories everything that is me that side wich no one sees. 'cos apparently there are four sides in every human being, one that you know yourself and your friends know , second one is the one that you know yourself but no one else knows, third being the one that you don't know but people around you know (their thoughts about you), and the last is the part that no one really knows this is the part where the "why did I do that?" stuff comes from.
  14. a well formed theory there ubik.

    one that i now subscribe to somewhat.
  15. the "why did I do that" can also come from being stoned :p
  16. Yeah

    And this reminds me of a thing we were talking aobut some time ago, not sure if I've posted it eralier but here goes: Do any of you think that when smoking a lot in a long period you create another personality for your self wich comes alive when you're stoned? the way you talk, think, act etc. for example if you strat playing guitar when you're stoned and only play it when you're stoned can you play it without being high? this sounds stupid but it made sense back then.
  17. yes.

    thats where the philosopher in me came from... those long smoking sessions where i would do little else but think.

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