The War to end all wars

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  1. This is The War to end all wars. It is a war of minds and hearts. It is a war from the Source.
    The story of God's Glory is the same story as the glorification of Man.
    Just as we want God to love us personally, not just as a human, so too God wants us to love Him personally, not just as god.
    My life is a story of hopes and disappointments, combined with the realization that it all had to happen to make me who I AM.

    I been followin the EYE
    Been followin the I
    Been followin the EYE

    The EYE sees I
    The I sees EYE

    I AM!
  2. Can you put this into context for us and make a video, reading your original post out loud please?
  3. Very personal. But I like it. Did you write this or is it a song?

    One thing gets me though. What do you mean by EYE sees I? Do you mean god sees you and you see god?
  4. Argo, I'll try to make a vid here.

    Herb, thank you! I wrote it. And I essentially mean as you said. There is seeing. I am seen, and I see. I AM
  5. [​IMG]

    I see the Eye reference.
  6. I see ;) Very cool man
  7. The war that has raged in this world since the beginning of time has been one of US vs. THEM. If there is no THEM, there can be no war.
    We're not asking you to be like us. Be yourself, and we will be like you

  8. Told ya ;)

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