The War On Weed: Still Expensive, Racist, And Failed

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    "At a certain point, you have to stop being subtle, which might be why the American Civil Liberties Union's new study on the “war on marijuana” doesn't fuck around: “Billions of Dollars Wasted on Racially Biased Arrests,” it announces in big, unambiguous letters right at the top."

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  2. I know in Denver police look for any reason to pull over teenage boys (usually 2 or more in a car), especially those who wear flatbills.  I was driving home with my cousin one day and a cop pulled me over because "the light above my liscense plate wasn't on", but it was 6 PM.  He then told me that they're currently doing a "100 days of heat" to try to fuck over high drivers.  The war on weed is pointless, time consuming, money consuming, and just sheer annoying.  
    I can see it man, the gov is too interested in all of our lives.  If they really wanna do something productive, start a war on cigarettes.  How can cancer sticks be legal while they're imposing a war on weed.  Pretty dumb if you ask me, the product that is PROVEN to kill or damage people physically is legal, but the product used for medicinal purposes and, at the moment, shows little to no risks on health is being waged war againt.  Good shit America.
  3. The government will always try to find a way to squeeze money from you. They try to justify their existence., by claming to look out for your "safety". But in all truth they are noting but greedy warmongers who are bent on destruction and lust for money and foam at the mouth at any opportunity to aquire more wealth. They are like rabid animals who need to be put down...
  4. Yeah man, even Dr. Sanjay Gupta is making a documentary on it and how special interest groups spread lies and propaganda to suppress cannabis for their economic gain. Sanjay fkn Gupta!

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