The war on terror is over...

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    But as my friend in the comment of fox news comments so eloquently states,

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    Not forgetting that we still have troops in Afghanistan, military contractors in Iraq, dozens of bases and a drone campaign across the Middle East. I also assume that we still have American soldiers in Libya because I have heard no news of them victoriously coming home after destroying a country's leader, roads, and health care facilities. So how can the Obama administration come close to declaring an end to the War on Terror? While they're at it; the State department should declare an end to the War on Drugs too.

    A now the article gets crazy...
    I am no fan of religion, or god for that matter being, involved in any form of political discussion but I understand that certain people's philosophy on life is very religious so they will expectedly interject their god and values into their Political philosophy. But conservative Christians today are either purely hypocritical or entirely delusional. They say that there is no room for Islamism in politics, and then they turn around and say almost the exact same things Islamism promotes only with a Christian twist. Furthermore, how does a society pretend at democracy?

  2. Obama admin deems war on terror over..

    obama runs campaign based on ending war on terror...

    yet patriot act, ndaa, etc etc will continue to exist.. because without those things we would have never ended the war on terror.

  3. And, the American people buy into this ploy and believe there is no more War on Terror. Thus leaving the Republicans more blood thirsty and the Democrats believing that they are truly the party of peace and civil liberties.

  4. good try obama, you really think americans are this stupid? oh wait, yes they are
  5. We'll be in afghanistan forever
  6. Was he on an aircraft carrier with a huge banner behind him when he said this?
  7. :laughing:

  8. btw..

    this is the same administration that said the recession was over in 2009

    i wonder if they'll play that card again.
  9. Makes me wonder what kind of shit he will try to pull to get all us tokers back in the fold...
  10. So the pretend war ended? Pretend party at my house!
  11. probably lie..

    Obama To Rolling Stone: We’re Not Going To Legalize Weed Anytime Soon | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform


  12. I'll bring the pretend keg!

  13. Just no pretend hookers they are expensive
  14. Must be a pretend story because aint nothin about this on
  15. [quote name='"Flemian"']Must be a pretend story because aint nothin about this on[/quote]

    So, if CNN says it, then it's true? Guess I should start watching.
  16. Well, One would assume the War on Terror being over would be major news since its been an 11 year war..
  17. The war on terror was fabricated for the purpose of getting those bills passed. Its an ongoing campaign to make the united states the strongest military in the world forever. It also wants to make revolution impossible.

  18. Not that I like the post. Its just that I depressingly agree with it. Fuck our lives.
  19. Fuck Obama
  20. Calm down, it is only more right-wing blathering; :p :smoke:

    Right-wing media have seized on a National Journal report quoting an anonymous State Department official saying that "the war on terror is over" to claim that President Obama has "surrendered." In fact, both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have repeatedly emphasized their commitment to "eliminat[ing] terrorism" and have repeatedly said "we are at war" with Al Qaeda and other extremists.

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