The War On Drugs Now Threatens America's Neighbors

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  1. By J.J. Johnson - Sierra Times
    Source: Sierra

    You've seen the commercials, right? Two guys, Nick and Norm, and the endless discussion about the pitfalls of drugs. At first they were linked to terrorism, although they seem to have backed off from these statements of late, apparently the U.S. government hasn't. Like weapons of mass destruction and illegal oil sales, a country close to home now faces direct threats by the United States - over marijuana.
    Canada, the Great White North - where few would tolerate puppet regimes establish by Washington; where the citizens and government officials have long since grown tired of property confiscation over naturally grown products whose use doesn't really bother anyone else.

    Our neighbor to the north has now drawn the ire of the most powerful country in the world. Like the Province of British Columbia, all of Canada is now considering relaxing its laws against marijuana possession.

    The result: Threatened retaliation by the United States of America.

    David Murray, right-hand man to U.S. "drug czar" John Walters, told the Canadian Broadcast Corp. (CBC News) he doesn't want to tread on another country's sovereignty, but warned there would be consequences if Canada proceeds with a plan to decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

    Heaven's no - we'd never tread on another nations sovereignty without cause.

    "We would have to respond. We would be forced to respond," Murray, told Canada's primary news source.

    Murray didn't spell out what the American government response would be, but he invoked images of tie-ups at border crossings and intense bureaucracy - as in, become Syria to the North. So much for NAFTA.

    The thinking is that if marijuana becomes more widely used in Canada, it could penetrate more widely into the U.S. But Murray (or any other U.S. Government official) can't tie legalization of marijuana to increased use.

    "Still, Murray , while speaking with CBC News tried to express the feeling in the U.S. that looser drug laws go hand-in-hand with increase in crime and drug addiction among youth, and used some apocalyptic language to do it."

    "You can't wall this off saying, 'We're only talking about a little cannabis.' Our experience is they come together like the Four Horsemen," he said.

    So keep drinking, America, and let's all raise a glass to America's Hollywood and the pornographic industry.

    Murray said Canada's reputation in the global community would be forever altered if it decided to decriminalize pot.

    He's right. In the last ten years, every country in the Western Hemisphere and most of Europe (with the exception of the United States) has eased its laws against marijuana. There are no numbers in any of these countries that point to increased use but in one country - the United States, according to statistics published by the Office of Drug Control Policy.

    "It's not just Canada's relationship with the United States that would change; it's Canada's relationship with the world," Murray said. He's right. It seems Canada would be 'normalizing' its laws with the rest of the world, while the United States continues to jail more people than any other nation.

    While the Office of Drug Control Policy focuses on our neighbors to the North, illegal aliens continue to flood unchecked across our southern border. Drug Policy Officials say... fact, they haven't said anything.

    Source: Sierra (NV)
    Author: J.J. Johnson - Sierra Times
    Published: May 02, 2003
    Copyright: 2003
  2. its disgusting to think that one nation would have the powers to so directly attempt to influence the actions of another.

    disgusting as it is... its what america have been doing for decades... and before them it was the UK, and before that? well... the world wasnt developed enough (politics, telecomunications, travel, etc) to do it on the same scale.
  3. That's plain madness!! So let's just buy guns and drink alcohol and be mad to each other? how can marijuana be a tread against national safety?????? USA are all ready burning marijuana fields in south america and by doing that eliminating that farmers living and income for the next year. Surely they would harvest Caffeine, bananas, spices etc. if they got some decent payment from them, but no the buyers paysuch ridicously low sums from those plants that it's almost impossible to grow and harvest them.

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