The war on drugs has failed

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    Of course it failed. You cant have a war on inatimate objects. Especially on a plant that can grow by itself or with little help, soooo easily.

    Lol at whoever though a war on drugs would work.

    Edit: The government trying to have a war on drugs is the same as me trying to have a war on spiders. No matter how many I step on it won't make a damn difference. So why even try?
  2. I agree, I am still baffled on how we as a people can allow a government to declare a plant illegal.
  3. [quote name='"Mindwrack"']I agree, I am still baffled on how we as a people can allow a government to declare a plant illegal.[/quote]

    Haha I know right!
  4. A war on any grown or easily created drugs(mj/opium/alcohol/etc) is doomed to failure from the beginning. I mean they're banning freakin plants that anyone can grow. Synthetic drugs such as meth and the like are another issue though. Restrict the precursor chemicals and you largely eliminate the problem.
  5. The war on drugs is a war on on individual freedom, it is bound to fail. It is so silly that the government spends so much money on the war drugs instead of using that money to solve our real problems...
  6. The war on cannabis is a joke and the thing is I can't see why they would want to make it illegal.
    I was watching a documentary on youtube about cannabis last night and how they 'proved' that smoking cannabis killed brain cells, it turned out it was the fact the goverment we suffocating monkeys with the smoke and it was actually the suffocation that killed the brain cells due to lack of oxygen.
    It will continue to be a mystery to me why the goverment want to make it so bad.
  7. Agreed. The war on drugs is a costly failure. When I see politicians and law enforcement say the drug war is working and we just need to give it more time I get so.. upset and just confused how people can think that way. I seriously wonder if these politicians and such are so ignorant that they believe what they are saying, or if they know that they are lying to us and don't give a shit.
  8. I wanna know why they haven't locked up that bitch Mother Nature she's a motherfuckin kingpin and killed millions, where's the US Justice Department on that one?
  9. We need to push more legalization measures to the republicans, since this is an election year having a favorable stance on legalization would allow them to secure some democrat votes. Eric Holder is cracking down on the medicinal retailers, he is a democrat, which is odd a decent portion of smokers are democrats. Just tout legalization as less taxes, less government spending, and energy independence. I don't care for the republicans, but legalization is good for our country.

  10. You also can't have a war on people's natural appetites. Which is what the war on drugs really is.
  11. When did this happen?
  12. It is all about the money the cops make when they me for instance, they took my 2nd car from me and whatever monies I had in my house. Even if they do not catch you with it at your house, they can get a search warrant for your house at any time, because these judges will issue them! :mad:
  13. We all know the war on drugs has failed, but as long as the war on drugs benefits a small amount of people in power (i.e. politicians who use it as a "party" issue, and money grubbing law enforcement), we will need to have change come from the states at first, from an overwhelming amount of citizens that are fed-up.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of people who believe that illegal = wrong and don't think beyond that, or put their trust in the police until they are wronged by them. Slowly as more rights are taken away and more people are wronged, we will see a change.
  14. Branson's at it again, huh? Trying to set the stage for himself to financially benefit.
    I don't trust that guy at all. Yeah, of course he thinks its a failure. Don't forget, so did Obama before he was elected. :cool:

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