The War on Christmas Diaries

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  1. "December 9th, 1942,
    We hit the beaches of California in the midst of a glittering, as soon as we beached the landing we were covered in red and white sparkles...They dropped the walls which lead to the overflow of fake snow comin' down the beach towards us, we had to think quick, Sarge yelled out immediately, "JUMP TO THE RIGHT!" and we all did just in the nick of time, narrowly avoiding certain suffocation from the fake snow. As we rushed the fortifications a few of the men glanced towards the sky in just enough time to see Dasher, and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid...It was the most colorful war I've ever been in."

    Pvt. Tony "Twin Guns" Montana, The War on Christmas '42 Collection
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  3. "December 12th, 1968,
    They have us in the thick of these Goddamn jungles in Oregon marchin' through these mountains searchin' for reindeer, and I can tell you right now, we ain't gonna find any damn reindeer...The elves have been watching us from the hill east of our position, you can just make out the faint cheerful laughter and the flashing colorful lights...This mountain is fuckin' miserable..."

    Cpl. Eric "Leif" Ericcson, The War on Christmas '68 Collection
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  4. "December 15th, 1962,
    We landed in Hawaii by ship at nearly three in the morning, and fuck all of nothin'...It's muggy and hot out here, the waves keep blastin' us on shore and the ships at sea are standing. Meanwhile, just through the trees we can hear everything goin' on, sounds like torture...Bells and jingles kind...Dirty business those Reindeer Games..."

    SSgt. Donald "The Duck" Cantini, The War on Christmas '62 Collection
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  5. "December 21st, 1991,
    We came by force into the Texas Gulf Coast, by sea, air, and land...We had moved into what we had hoped would be the closing of this War on Christmas. After we beached by boat Lt. Dreyfuss mobilized us all on the beachhead and told us what we were looking forward to...The elves had fortified their bases with ice walls and snow hole traps, they corralled the reindeer and all night we could hear the deafening roar of their neigh."

    PFC. Dirk "Dungeon" McCallister, The War on Christmas '91 Collection

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