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The war has started..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Tomahawk missles is being fired upon baddag.

    May this end with small amounts of casualties!
  2. ugh... i hate war... i'm just hoping as little people die as possible :(
  3. Whatever the reasons for the politicians deciding to go to war at this time, they know that public opinion is not fully behind them. This ( hopefully ) will make them carefull about how they operate in the next few weeks. The anti war marches in this country (uk) were not only supported by students and left wingers- the vast majority of protestors were middle income, family orientated normal people. These are the people who vote. No government can ignore the tide of public opinion.

  4. although you make a good point... i think our government has just demonstrated that it's willing to ignore public opinion by declaring war on Iraq... a majority of the world openly states that they're against the war, but yet we go anyway. more countries are against us than for us, but yet we still go to war... the government doesn't care what people think. they want their oil!

  5. I agree mate.. we better watch our backs and the others around the world!!!!!
  6. i'd just like to add that i REALLY truely hope i'm wrong about this and that saddam does have weapons of mass destruction that he's planning on using... i hope this because i would really hate to see all those people who are gonna die, die for no good reason.
  7. good thihng pittsburgh isnt sucha HUGE steel producer anymore

    some of u were prally around when Pitt was a war target for bein the major steel producer in almost all hte u.s (henceforce Steelers football team)
    forget what war that was I wasnt around then but ppl told me

    and man lookin at the news this shit is crazy!! too many explosions war is just scary

  8. I agree, in fact just a couple hours ago someone tried to hijack a plane going from Cuba to Florida. It wasn't on the government influenced news of course. There's a war (more like a reality TV show) to cover right now and all the war mongers are eating it up.
  9. The people in charge know that the general public does not support the war but they are not concerned about that . The Iraqui system of government is no more dictatorial than the American model, Keep marching.
  10. I thought Bush had over 60% approval from the U.S. for the war. Maybe I'm wrong, whatever. I wouldn't really worry about a terrorist attack, unless of course you live in a major metropolitan area and go to major events frequently. The likelihood of you getting caught in a terrorrist attack is probably far less than the likelihood of you falling down the stairs and dying.
    Saddam is sure trying to turn this into a religious, rather than ideological one. I doubt that is even him on that tape. One of his stand-ins. He's dead. If he is, we may not know for ten years, he has so many fucking decoys.
  11. as i sit here warm an comfy at my dest huge airplains are overhead. again and again. i doubt ill ever be able to hear one flyover and not think, really hard about what their up to or up against. or wonder if its more young boys and girls leaving.

  12. That's what the government wants you to think. Fear is the easiest, most time-tested way to control the masses. They are fear-mongering with no regard for anything. Don't allow them to control you.
  13. The Middle East and that section of the world is a powder keg. I hope George hasn't lit the fuse that will make that whole region blow up!

  14. even if bush does have 60% of the US population behind him he is still acting ilegally and against the United Nations, and there has been no security council mandate for war.

    i wish they hit saddam with those first strikes. and i wish they'd know sooner.. so they can stop blasting the hell outta iraq.
    news reports are inconsistant here.. some say it was sadam making that counter statement... bullshit i say.... OBVIOUSLY not sadam, key features are different, ears, chin(s), eyes.

    one day Bush will be held accountable for his actions in a war crimes tribunal for ilegally launching a war in the middle of weapons inspections. he should also be held responsible for every civilian life taken in this conflict.

    the idiocey of it all.... they say they want to leave iraq intact... so why are they launching guided missiles at key infrastructure targets such as TV & radio!?

    i really want to know what australia is getting from america for joining up to this....... don't they have one of the biggest percentages AGAINST war? they got one hellova conservative rightwing chickenshit bullshitter twatt as president there...
    wouldn't you aussie blades agree?

    now i hate to sound like i'm siding with terrorists, as i hate any kind of religious extremism or violence, but....
    it wouldn't hurt my conscience too much to say i wish they'd take out America's "Commander n Cheif".

    Tony B liars speach a few minutes ago was quite good... at least our guy this side of the pond has the intelligence to say the right things, lie cunningly and do his best to convert the non believers (like me). but still... i aint buying it Tone. i too am smart, like tony. I can do the maths. we send XX,000 troops at a phenominal financial cost of £XXX,XXX,000 and unkown cost in damage to international relations... why could we not have sent in even half that many weapons inspectors!!?? they didn't even fucking wait for Dr Hans Blix's report.

    ach... this post is just turning out to be a rant, instead of the valid, well formed, political statement i was hoping it would be. just pisses me off so much.
    ......i'm so pissed off, that i havn't had the energy to do anything today... barely enough energy to eat. it's like this war is killing me too.

    someone said to Bush, "you're a Moron!"
    he thought they said "have a War on."

    i wonder how Blair's meating with Chirac is going.
    i can't beleive some people are even trying to blaim the french FOR THE WAR!!! see how caught up in propaganda some people can get!!!

  15. Ditto^^^^^^^^

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