The Walmart Game

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  1. Big bag of candy, little kids book, and a pack of trojans
  2. toothpaste
    a comb
    black socks
  3. A video camera
    A chainsaw
  4. A pregnancy test
    A wire hanger

    No 3rd item necessary
  5. if you dont buy something that requires an ID check... most cashiers wont even think twice about what your buying.. trust me they are counting the seconds until they can stop acting polite and start spending their shitty paycheck
  6. Duct tape
    Rubber gloves
  7. Lube , cd by Barry white , gold fish.
  8. LOL you guys need a reality check. Half of the things your mentioning WE DO NOT SELL, you guys are like zombies with no sense of humor or what your doing in this thread, are people just posting to get their pst count up? I really dont understand.

    I demand the name of this title changed to 3 random things you can think of. come on where the fuck do yall think your shopping, its wal mart !! WE AINT GOT THAT SHIT LOL.
  9. Weren't you bragging about being in the 1% the other day? Must've had a lot of promotions to pull in over 500 grand a year. :rolleyes:

  10. What's funny is only a handful of these things really aren't available. The rest I could find within 15 minutes.
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    I work here for fun man. Need to keep busy. Who was bragging? Nice too see you keep tabs on me though makes me feel imprtant.
  12. Yes half of the things mentioned we really dont sell haha. Some of this stuff is just off the wall. We don't sell chainsaws for one lol ....I keep seeing that
  13. [quote name='"M F Eye Blasts"']

    Ok angry guy.

    First it is not in the post. I am using the app. Second if it is In the picture that is a blank box on my screen how would I know?

    Thirdly I got the gist of the game just by what people were typing hence the reason I said "is that a rule?" I believe your internet badassNess got the better of you friend.[/quote]

    Someone's getting pissed off over nothing.. :rolleyes: maybe learn how to use your phone and enlarge the picture? Wouldn't that be a crazy idea?
  14. I just checked for my 3 things
    Ept test
    Wire coat hangers
    5 gallon wet/dry shop vac all in stock
  15. You guys dont get it. That 5 gallon IS ONLY ONLINE we DO NOT carry that at the department. You can get those to other things anywhere :rolleyes:. Im just saying this thread sucks, nothing you buy will be seen as wierd. Half the stuff we dont sell. Whatever tho again Im just saying and being an annoying douche. have fun kids:wave:

  16. Actually Walmart sells almost everything that has been mentioned, sounds like you sir are the zombie with no sense of humor.
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    You idiot, idk what Walmart you work at but Walmart does sell chainsaws, I don't think you even work at Walmart. I bought my most recent chainsaw from a Walmart.... Would you like a picture of the receipt???

    In stock in 7 stores near me...
  18. I don't think an idiot would be able to follow the rules on this site:rolleyes:. Glad I got under your skin:smoking: Your post screams ":eek:". Yes let's see your picture with reciept buddy.
  19. Link doesn't work and if your directing me to an online purchase slap yourself, Im talking about in store purchase as I stated before. :wave:

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