The Walmart Game

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  1. I have to admit, with prolly 3/4 of the posts here I don't get the connection between the three items. :(
  2. mine was the munchies im also a cereal killer
  3. A carton of box cutters.

    A directory of tall buildings in the area.

    The "How to Drive a Passenger Jet for Dummies" manual.
  4. Red lipstick


    Platform heels
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Blank DVD's
    Duct tape
    Gerbil food
  7. Garbage bags
    Sympathy card
  8. 1: Birthday Hats.
    2: Hawain Punch.
    3: Anti-Freeze.
  9. Peroxide, a rag, and black garbage bags.
  10. Dogfood, animal cage, baby diapers.
  11. Saw


  12. Lube
    Preparation h??

    I suck at this game.
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    Car battery

    Ski mask

  14. sleeping pills
    cough medicine
    dust off
  15. Justin bieber album

    One roll of super absorbent paper towels

    And a thing of Vaseline
  16. Ski mask

    Squirt gun

  17. tampons, lighter fluid, and a trail camera

  18. Got a dusty keyboard and are sick?

    thats fucking freaky
  19. i know from experience... theyll look at you funny... its better to just find a blind spot in the security system and just pocket them :cool:
  20. But that's not the point of the game...

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