The Walmart Game

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  1. Hack saw
    Metal trash can
    Lighter fluid
  2. victorias secret catalog
    rope(tied in a noose)
    viagra? do they sell that at wal-mart?
  3. Yes, but you need a doc's prescription.
  4. PS . Please stop fucking gallon smashing ![/QUOTE]

    The things that entertain our youth are so dumb lately. Gallon smashing is not the least bit entertaining. Or is that just me?

    And I know the rules say to freak cashiers out but I think the game is more about making you think. I would assume if you run through a lot of stuff than 3 random things might stand out more.
  5. I have no clue what "gallon smashing" is supposed to mean, but I'm a couple of generations out of touch. :(
  6. I have no clue what "gallon smashing" is supposed to mean, but I'm a couple of generations off. :([/QUOTE]

    I will tell you to YouTube it but just warning it is proboly one of the most stupid things you will ever see!
  7. Adult sized diapers

    Clothes pins

    A whip
  8. Rope
  9. Pickled pigs feet


  10. painter suit(white zip-up suites used by commercial painters) , fillet knife, latex gloves
  11. Nail gun

    Belly button ring

  12. Pseudoephedrine

    Lighter Fluid

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  14. Magic Mike, a bottle of Astro Glide, and the biggest cucumber I could find.
  15. Plastic Easter egg shells


    Heavy Duty trash bags
  16. box of doughnuts
    fruity pebble cereal
  17. It really is, 10 kids so far have come in. I call them out and they get mad, yet still do it smh. And you guys have to get a little more creative ifn you want to freak out an employee at wal-mart, you can't forget YOUR SHOPPING AT WAL-MART GUYS, the poeple that come in are more interesting than the items your picking.

    I see a lot of trash bags and axes, no way Im going to think yur cutting someone up. Unless your alone in line and the stores empty these chances are slim. Try this at TARGET FOR BETTER RESULTS, walmart is already fuccked.[/QUOTE]

    Joy killer.
  18. Gun, ski mask, shovel
  19. Pregnancy test, metal coat hanger, and of course a plunger.
  20. Butcher knife

    Steak sauce


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