The Walmart Game

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  1. A shotgun (walmart sells a lot of guns)
    Paper towels (like a 24 pack)
    and giant trash bags
  2. Cucumber

    Adult diapers

  3. Watermelon, Dora doll, and a knife.
  4. The deal with it sunglasses,a pen, and a marker, I would then. Proceed to stab the cashier with the pen and write all over her, drawing pentagrams and devil signs and random language to make it perfect then walk out and put my sunglasses completely covered in her blood.

    Don't think it would freak the cashier but everyone else it would.
  5. Ski mask
    Plastic wrap
    Kitchen knives
  6. Large bag of catnip


  7. Is that a rule or are u sayin Wal-Mart doesn't sell these things...if it's the latter your wrong as shit
  8. It's a rule, obviously. It wouldn't have been hard for you to check that. It's in the first post of the thread.
  9. Lol, this thread is full of fail reading. It's ok guys, in the 9th grade i was still like at a 6th grade reading level. :)

    Lol. my picks are as follows. Baby dipers, Gorilla glue, a wrench?
  10. Big Turkey, banana, baby oil
  11. dust off
    lays potato chips
  12. Brillo pads, ammonia, baking soda

    Like it was the 80's bitches hehehe
  13. Lol! Don't worry, I'm not curious lol
  14. vaselin, summer sausage, latex gloves
  15. Since I goofed last time, I'm changing mine.

    Hedge clippers
    Trash bags
  16. Ok angry guy.

    First it is not in the post. I am using the app. Second if it is In the picture that is a blank box on my screen how would I know?

    Thirdly I got the gist of the game just by what people were typing hence the reason I said "is that a rule?" I believe your internet badassNess got the better of you friend.
  17. I legit laughed out loud to this one!
  18. Candy
    Children's Benadryl
    Video camera
  19. A lot of candy.

    Blindfolds, sized "Small."

    Directory of where all the local schools are located.

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