The Wall Live tour

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  1. Roger waters the wall live tour.
    Anyone else going or already seen his show? Supposed to be pretty amazing. So excited that I spent $300 on 2 tickets today, and the show is 6 months away.
  2. You know it's strange, the Wall meant SO MUCH to me as a teenager, and I remember when it was released and my Dad bought the 2 record set (which I still have). It became my de-facto "depressing" album to listen to when I was bummed in High School.

    BUT now, 20 years later, while I still think it's a great album, it doesn't mean quite so much to me. I'd love to see Roger on tour (even though talent wise, musically, he's probably the least talented member of the band), but I'm not all that pumped to see the Wall YET AGAIN. ESPECIALLY since it doesn't have the same resonance as it once did.
  3. I've been listening to them for about 7 years now and love them. I'm going mostly for the actual stage performance, which is pretty incredible to watch. Definitely going to have to burn a few blunts before that show!
  4. Bump?
    There's gotta be some more Pink Floyd fans on here
  5. I'm definitely going this year.
  6. Saw the show in 2010, was mind blowing. Roger puts together a really good band, with some of the members who actually performed with Pink Floyd live from the late 70's to the early 90's when Pink Floyd disbanded.

    Got my floor seat already, May 26th can't come fast enough.
  7. Gonna see this in Nashville. I can't wait! The Wall is one of my favorite albums of all time.
  8. I went last year and it was amazing. Just bought my tickets for the St. Paul show June 3rd.
  9. I really want to go. Anyone want to pick a one of the shows and go see it? Preferably around the south east? I haven't seen a show in a long long time and I think this will be great.
  10. wish tickets wouldnt have gone on sale already since im broke
  11. Just saw a commercial for this on comedy central! I called my dad asap. Hopefully he'll help me out so we can get close seats :D

    SO EXCITED!!!! This is a concert that you have gotta be high for. :smoke:

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