The walking dead

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  2. Just found out my dad has season 1 and he couldn't stop telling me how sweet this series is.

    Definitely watching this medicated tonight..gotta play catch up.
  3. bro story, cool!
  4. i seriously hope there is more action.

    there was not enough zombie-headshottin' in the first season.
  5. Cant fucking wait.
  6. for real, they need to get out and kill some fuggin zombies
  7. if you read the comics, youd know the series is actually about survival, versus just killing.

    Anyone else read the comics?
  8. yes yes yes this show is awesome.

    amc fucking owns, breaking bad, mad men, and walking dead 3 best shows on tv
  9. yes, ofcourse. But thats not what I want to see. I want to see zombies get heads blown/smashed/fucked
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    AGREE! All 3 shows are badass!!!
  11. A real close friend of mine since 8th grade was in the first season. He was this cholo dude named Miguel in the Vatos episode where they try and go get the bag of guns downtown. I don't think he'll be in this season though.
  12. :eek: Oops. I've done orgasmed.
    Srsly though.
    I really hope the show stays in JoeJah.
  13. then find a different series :p
  14. yea im just at the part where the prison gets overrun.

    glad to see hershels farm atleast lol
  15. haha yeah! Im kinda confused why Ricks partner[cant remember his name right now] hasnt been killed yet, The fuck? That was such a HUGE part in the story line.

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