The Wait for Medical Cannabis in Florida Could Be a Long One

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by cleanbudz, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Florida has voted & Medical was approved, now we wait for the political negotiations to begin. I think I heard it will take 6 months before they have to give the public the rules. I just hope they don't restrict the patients from growing their own medication! I kinda expect it...

    I think I heard a rumor that we won't be able too grow our own garden; it will be awful if you don't have rights to grow even the smallest amount. I don't want some big warehouse grower offering medicinal herbs to ppl with out knowing where it came from or what it went through.

    What do you guys think? After living in Colorado for 3 years... I think it would be smart if FL follows CO's rules & regs, or something similar. It seems to work really well. Anyway, at least 6 months before Floridians know anything! Nothing but speculation for now. No reason for the ppl to not start talking about it and get involved as much as possible. Remember there is always persuasion when ppl gather in masses peacefully. Oh and would the state of Florida like to get a taste of nearly 1 Billion of the sales that CO reached? I think so. :)


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  2. Well, MJ is finally legal medicinally in Florida; sort of. However, don’t let this fool you into NOT continuing to vote to improve the fairness of access to quality medicine— We must keep talking to each other about it. Teaching those that might not know about it’s necessity for suffering children & adults. Whether it’s ease the suffering epilepsy in a kid or help a war-torn military veteran suffering from PTSD feel peaceful & relaxed from the fear, anxieties, or terrible insecurities that Post Trumatic Stress Disorder brings— I speak from experience. The freedom to access mmj is NOT what it’s cracked up to be in the state of Florida, so we need to keep getting involved by voting & being courageous activists! We need everyone in Florida & around the US & world to attempt to make the laws more fair. The product more assessable, and perhaps the freedom to grow our own organic medicine. You see... Florida price gouges on everything in this industry charging exponentially high amounts of money For a selection that those in Colorado and in other states would probably scoff at.
    The prices here FL. Vs other legal states is OUTRAGEOUS. It’s up 2 Xs the price of quality organic meds elsewhere which works out to be well over $400 an ounce. It’s literally cheaper on the street… Can you imagine how that invalidates the MMJ industry as a whole? You can’t buy flower freely— you have to buy it in a ceramic cup for vape only for use in a $750.00 dollar cheap knock off of volcano vaporizer. Not allowed to grow, not even allowed to smoke! & a bunch of other BS. At least if it were affordable, it might not be such a junk system. PLEASE, research, gain knowledge & let’s all help each other create a better world with this magical plant that everyone should have affordable access to... Remember, emails social media tweets, text messages to family & friends & simply sharing it with those around you & all over the internet— the hope is laws continue to change when we work together for the good of everyone.
    Thanks for reading & now please spread the word & help make the world a better place for many of us! Sincerely, a patient in need of safe/affordable medicine.

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  3. True. It's legal but in the dumbest way possible.

    I hope that they pull their head out of their butt and fix the FL laws.
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