the waffle test

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  1. cool beans. thanks man :smoke:
  2. I wonder if it would be too hard to just make the ash catcher such a length that it rests on the ground beside the tube/just skimming the ground.

  3. I'm sure if you tell them what your plans are with the ash catcher, they can make something happen along your idea.
  4. here is my waffle
    [ame=]YouTube - Glass mans doll tribute to stone glass[/ame]

    plus another pickup...7pipepro
  5. Yo! saw this on youtube before here...

    You already know im diggin that shit lol

  6. Damn Blood! sick sick bub!!! AND now i see the ink and ur jewlery the first thing in my head *click* damn this guy has Good taste:smoke:
    Stay Green Man
  7. One thing I dont miss hearing anymore... is dog nails on hardwood floors lol

    Used to hear that shit all the time, so annoying when theres 3 dogs lol
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    oh yeah, I really dig it myself...the oiler is still my favorite tho.

    thanks man!
    my wedding band says "fuck you" on it (i wear it on my right hand...long story)

    oh I know, I'm legally deaf so I don't hear it live unless I have my hearing aids in but I can hear it on the video...very annoying...I used to have 3 dogs too.

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  9. Does anyone have any pictures/videos of a GMD gridded inline bubbler? I've seen the video of the hidden diffusion tests on youtube, which number is the gridded inline?
    [ame=""]YouTube - 9.9.10 002.avi[/ame]
  10. # 1 is the standard 7 hole waffle, the 2 in the middle are 12 hole waffles and #4 is the inline

    just email angi and request a pic, she'll hook you up
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  11. [ame=]YouTube - waffle mini[/ame]

    another gmd bubbler i picked up cheap coz the joint was therma welded
  12. damn, looks like a maze of glass! =)
  13. I decided to just go with a worked carbon filter, hope that combined with the disc slide flow will still be good.

    Worked 3 Piece Fire and Ice Set (all 18.8mm joints)
    1: Mini Inline Tube 12"
    Technical Features: Up-Facing Gridded Inline (12-20 grid-slits), kinked mouthpiece
    Worked Sections: Base of can, single section at the bottom of neck tube, front of mouthpiece
    2: Disc Carbon Filter
    Technical Features:Cylindrical, disc screen, Short! (I don't plan on using too much carbon)
    Worked Sections: Between Disc and Female Joint
    3: Disc Diffused Bowl
    Technical Features: Deep set disc and party sized width, paddle handle
    Worked Sections: Above disc and top of paddle handle worked
  14. justy sent in my email w/ the completed form for a waffle and a circ.

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